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Posted on: March 2, 2010

Teradata Releases Data Encryption Solution for Japan “Protegrity DPS for Teradata”

Teradata Japan and Protegrity extend partnership to deliver data security to enterprise data warehouses

Tokyo, Japan and Stamford, CT, USA — (March 2, 2010) - Teradata Japan, Ltd. announced that they have released the Protegrity Data Protection System (DPS) by Protegrity USA, Inc. on March 2, 2010. Protegrity DPS is an enhanced solution designed for Teradata and used to encrypt sensitive data, ensures the integrity and privacy of sensitive corporate and customer data housed in Teradata enterprise data warehouses. Protegrity’s DPS for Teradata, as part of Protegrity Data Security Platform suite, provides Teradata® Warehouse customers a unique combination of strong data protection, centralized security management and extensive audit, monitoring and reporting, with minimal impact on existing applications and IT infrastructure. Iain Kerr, president and chief executive officer of Protegrity, noted, “Expanding our partnership with Teradata Japan is a significant step to growing our presence in the Japanese market. The need to secure sensitive data in database environments has become a critical requirement for companies around the world and support for Teradata is essential as they are the leader in the enterprise data warehousing market.” Leading organizations have been using DPS for Teradata for many years in Europe and the United States. Current Teradata users can deploy this encryption functionality to their existing Teradata database environments. User can now protect their most sensitive data from internal and external threats, while adhering to industry and regulatory data security mandates. Some key features of Protegrity DPS include:

  • High performance and scalability - leveraging Teradata’s environment Protegrity DPS has minimal impact on performance, and enables users to achieve over 10 million encryptions per second
  • Separation of duties between the security administrator, and the database administrator, and end-users
  • Central security policy management
  • Patented key management
  • Centralized compliance audit, monitoring, and reporting

Protegrity DPS encrypts data at column levels in database tables and supports large parallel database systems with great scalability, one of Teradata’s features. This centralized, scalable and integrated solution has a proven at Teradata’s largest customers worldwide. Protegrity DPS provides a flexible and patented key management solution which is a necessity for current data security strategies. Authorized users manage the encryption keys that are used to reference data security policies established with Protegrity DPS. This clearly separates administrative rights of database and security users. Authorized users can safely utilize data by accessing only the data columns necessary which contain sensitive business data, such as personnel data or confidential transaction data. This further expands the scope of data warehouse use and application. In Japan, the Protegrity Data Security Plaform is available through Monet, Protegrity’s authorized sales partner, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, President & CEO Hiroaki Maeno. Monet focuses their business on deployment of server encryption tools and consulting. Protegrity will develop the security business for data warehouses for all types of industries, with support in sales and other areas from Monet.


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