Protegrity Data Security

Privacy Protect

Extract value from your sensitive data to preserve the privacy of your customers and employees, while staying compliant in a world of ever-evolving regulations.

Sensitive Data and Regulations​

Responsible businesses believe their customers and employees have a right to privacy—they value those relationships, after all. Unfortunately, success in safeguarding privacy, now and in the future, won’t be guaranteed by a desire to do so. The myriad of regulations already enacted, compounded by the many others that are sure to come, only stress the need for businesses to protect the privacy of anyone and everyone whose personally identifiable information resides in corporate data. It’s a big undertaking that many enterprises, regardless of size and scale, can’t handle on their own.

Privacy and Accelerated Innovation

The types of data that are most critical in driving innovation—with advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI—are those deemed most sensitive and must be safeguarded. Naturally, sensitive data chronicles how customers and employees engage, and, once harnessed, reveal insights and outcomes that are game changers for your business. Such intelligence, once harnessed, optimizes experiences in real time while creating a blueprint for rapid growth. Privacy and innovation go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other, and neither is optional anymore.

Growth, Cloud Migration, and ​Data Sharing

Privacy and Accelerated Innovation

​Optimize the buyer journey to engage new customers and provide amazing customer support—all while ensuring sensitive data is preserved. Securing sensitive data allows businesses to drive personalized digital experiences.

Privacy is Good for Business

An ever-changing and constantly evolving regulatory landscape is viewed by many as a burden. Evergreen Compliance weaves privacy into the fabric of your enterprise, as secure sensitive data is tapped to fuel innovation. ​

Accelerate Innovation to Drive Growth

Businesses that invest in a data-as-a-service model outperform their peers by a large margin. When privacy prevails, they are free to leverage sensitive data with confidence to gain that hard-to-win competitive advantage. ​

What is Protegrity Privacy Protect?

Privacy Protect arms businesses with the flexibility they need to innovate with advanced analytics, machine-learning, and AI to accelerate growth and position you to gain valuable market share, despite the challenges of keeping pace with evolving privacy requirements. ​

Future-Proof Against Evolving Regulations and Unleash Innovation ​

Protegrity Data Security


Being able  to choose the most appropriate  data-security  technology based on  what your business does is the key to protection. This in-depth reference guide  will help  you take that first step.