Data Protection for a Data-Driven World

Data security solutions begin with flexible, robust products and services that not only ensure leading-edge protection, but enable businesses to transform and utilize their data in new and innovative ways.

Enterprise Security Administrator

Protegrity enables you to protect your data across the enterprise regardless of where it’s stored or where it resides. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the cloud, on a big data cluster, or on a mobile device. All protection, reporting, and policy management is all performed from an intuitive central management console.

Key benefits

  • Data-centric security that protects the data itself – wherever it goes or gets used
  • Security at rest, in transit, and in use
  • Integrated data and application security—from data collection to use to deletion—to ensure the highest levels of protection possible
  • Centralized security management for consistent policy distribution and enforcement
  • Complete reporting—with operational alerts and triggers, secure audit logs, and analytic forensics
  • Cross-platform support for easy deployment and continuous protection
  • Transparency for minimal impact on existing applications and operations
  • Intuitive user interface, with role-based permissions, to more easily control separation of duties

Enterprise Security Administrator

Unified, consistent security management across all data assets


Comprehensive Database Big data, Mainframe, File & Application Protection


Transparent Data Security Gateways For On-premise,Cloud SaaS & Files.