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Data Discovery Uncover where sensitive data resides
Data Management Control every corner of the enterprise
Data Protectors Protection beyond platforms
Professional Services Security experts for every need
Security Gateways Data security that goes with the data
Vaultless Tokenization Go beyond encryption
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You Can’t Protect What You Don’t
Know About

Protegrity Insight for Discovery enables enterprises to uncover where sensitive data resides, understand their exposure, and make smarter data security decisions.

Data Discovery Made Simple

Find the Data Know what needs protecting in your enterprise, wherever it is, from on-prem to in the cloud, from mainframes to Hadoop clusters.
Monitor the Data Continually measure and assess protection gaps and violations for stronger ongoing security, control and governance.
Protect the Data Utilize Protegrity’s data-first security platform to protect sensitive data across all silos, whether it’s in use, in motion or at rest.
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The First Step in Data Governance and Compliance

Protegrity Insight for Discovery enables enterprises to discover and classify sensitive information to jumpstart data-centric projects, including GDPR, PCI, CCPA, and HIPAA compliance.

Learn how Protegrity Insight helps uncover the data that lies below the surface, so that enterprise can minimize their risk exposure.

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350 + TB of Data
Taken by insights-driven businesses from their less-informed peers.
"Protegrity Insight for Discovery was installed, up and running, scanning database tables, and finding sensitive information very quickly."
Pilot customer, from a major U.S.-based insurance provider

Jump Start Data-First Security

Start smarter with Protegrity’s comprehensive solution for discovery, monitoring, and auditing.

360 Degree View Know where you need to protect data
A Single Point of Control Centrally eliminate enterprise risk and unnecessary complexity
Speed and Scale Quickly, efficiently analyze large, distributed data stores
Powerful Automation Confidently address the highest risks and most urgent priorities.