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Data Discovery Uncover where sensitive data resides
Data Management Control every corner of the enterprise
Data Protectors Protection beyond platforms
Professional Services Security experts for every need
Security Gateways Data security that goes with the data
Vaultless Tokenization Go beyond encryption
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Unified Data Security Management

Protegrity Enterprise Security Administrator (ESA) delivers automated policy lifecycle management, centrally controlled by a dashboard to define, monitor and evolve data security policies without business disruption or application modification.

Control Every Corner of the Enterprise

Security Beyond SIlos ESA makes it easy to manage the security of sensitive data as it flows through the various systems of the enterprise, even if it is in motion, in use, or at rest.
Single Pane of Glass ESA allows security administrators to manage and monitor servers, services and key system metrics in a single interface.
Consistent Policy Enforcement Security administrators can centrally set the data security policy and have it be enforced in all Protegrity Data Protectors and Security Gateways, enterprise-wide.

Centralized Monitoring, Auditing and Reporting

Security teams can centrally capture, report and alert on automated event logs from Data Protectors throughout the enterprise.

ESA has predefined or customized reports that can be tailored to the file formats or views needed across the enterprise.

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Automated Data Security Policy Enforcement

Protegrity’s solution enables the security principles of Least Privilege and Separation of Duties to be enforced by security policy, defined by role, system and context of use, ensuring only authorised users have access to the data in the clear.

The Brain of Data-First Security

ESA is the intuitive, comprehensive interface for centrally administering data-first security using Protegrity’s full suite of products.

Better Visibility See all enterprise sensitive data in a single view
Control Access Utilize built-in LDAP or integrate with existing LDAP or Active Directory
Advanced Access Control Go beyond external threats with tools that enable security principles like SoD
Always-On Dependability Pre-configured high-availability, and built-in backup and restore
Rock-Solid Governance Leverage dashboards and automated alerting of policy status and data usage
Flexible Deployment Works with containerization and microservices technologies
Manage Keys Integrated EKM capabilities, including KEK handling and rotation
Utilize 2FA Get stronger protection with two-factor authentication for users

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