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Data Discovery Uncover where sensitive data resides
Data Management Control every corner of the enterprise
Data Protectors Protection beyond platforms
Professional Services Security experts for every need
Security Gateways Data security that goes with the data
Vaultless Tokenization Go beyond encryption
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Be Data-First with
Protegrity Subscription

Protegrity Subscription provides unlimited access to the entire suite of Protegrity products, so organizations can tailor protection of sensitive data to suit their needs.

Scalable Security for Ever-Growing Data

End-to-End Control Protegrity Subscription is a single, scalable offering of technology, services, and expertise that spans data discovery, auditing, monitoring, and protection to provide complete control and visibility of enterprise data across all silos
Use Data with Confidence Protegrity Subscription delivers total data privacy protection and simplifies regulatory compliance, while empowering customers to leverage their data to optimize the analytics, applications, and AI efforts that are part of today’s digital transformations.
Backed by Experts Protegrity Subscription includes training, professional services, and unwavering support from a team of dedicated, in-house security experts who work hand-in-hand with customers to ensure their success.
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How Protegrity Subscription Works

Protegrity Subscription is a tiered product model that is based on usage – measured by ‘Protection Operations’ (PoPs), or the application of Protegrity to a specific, new data item.

  • Software Included
  • Support Included
  • Usage-Based Pricing
From Complex to Simple
200+ Million Users
of a Global Bank, Protected by Protegrity Subcription Read Case Study
"Fully leveraging data allows us to fulfil our core business strategy of client-led revenue growth, lowering internal technology costs and optimising our capital base by focusing on return of capital above operating costs."
CDO, Top 5 U.S. Bank

Data Security Works Best with Protegrity

One seamless solution that can scale on-demand, means no gaps, no compromises and no chance for sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands.

Full Support Access to Protegrity's expert Global Support team
Free to Grow No extra cost when platforms are expanded and/or upgraded
Innovation Included No evaluation agreements to try out new Protegrity protectors
Predictable Payments No extra cost to protect new, additional technology platforms
Simplified Agreements No additional legal paperwork to expand footprint

Protegrity Subscription Resources

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