Apply transparent encryption to volumes, files, and directories across the enterprise

Strong encryption is considered the “gold standard” of data security methods, and the Protegrity File Protector makes it an ideal method for securing unstructured and structured files at rest.

Deployments are available for individual file encryption, enabling file-by-file, directory-by-directory, and tree-by-tree encryption for data at rest or in transit, or for full volumes, enabling at rest protection ideal for retired or vaulted data.


The Protegrity File Protector is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems and versions, including Linux, UNIX (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX), and Windows.


The Protegrity File Protector runs cryptographic operations faster than any other comparable software, enabling efficient, enterprise-scalable deployments.


By continuously monitoring the host operating system at multiple levels, the Protegrity File Protector provides superior protection for sensitive files while remaining fully transparent to authorized programs that require access.


  • Volume, file, or directory encryption
  • Highly transparent, with intelligent pre-authorization for trusted applications
  • High-performance, scalable solution
  • Central data security policy and key management
  • Granular auditing and reporting capabilities
  • Cross-platform support across heterogeneous environments

Protegrity File Protector Data Sheet