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By Rick Farnell, CEO, Protegrity
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October 22, 2020
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Today marks a new beginning for Protegrity.  

I’m proud to announce our new brand and web site, our new leadership team, significant updates to the Protegrity Data Protection Platform, and our vision for the Secure AI Era.  

For more than two decades, Protegrity has delivered innovative, data-centric protection for the most sensitive data of the largest brands on the planet. Throughout this journey, we’ve continually evolved to keep pace with a fast-changing technology industry to meet the needs of customers and partners.  

Building on this incredible heritage, Protegrity today is a reimagined, innovation-driven company built on a rock-solid foundation. We enable businesses to finally tap into the value of their data and accelerate digital transformation timelines – without jeopardizing individuals’ fundamental right to privacy.  

Meet the new Protegrity:

Expanded Leadership Team to Accelerate Our Growth and Innovation

Today, we announced the appointment of eight new senior executives – a world-class team of experts that will lead Protegrity to new heights as we address the next frontier of data security. Many members of this core team have worked together for a number of years – even decades – and were each individually selected for their strong cultural fit at Protegrity. The backgrounds and experiences of each team member are well-aligned with the strategic initiatives needed to accelerate Protegrity’s growth.

The new members of our leadership team include:

Jeffrey Breen, EVP, Product and Strategy

Bridget Quinlan, EVP, Marketing and Growth Strategies

Eliano Marques, EVP, Data and AI

Scott Fleming, EVP, Services and Support

Michael Gephart, EVP, Sales and Alliances

Angel Lange, EVP, Finance

Ben Lieberman, VP, HR and People

Kate Hartshorn, Director, Legal Affairs

Each member of Protegrity’s new leadership team is a seasoned expert in their respective field, with deep experience working for highly successful organizations. Collectively, this team will drive new innovation for Protegrity as we deliver on our mission to protect the world’s most sensitive data, wherever it resides.

The Protegrity Data Protection Platform: Security at the Speed of Innovation

We have reached a new milestone in our company’s product innovation with a significant transformation of the Protegrity Data Protection Platform, launched today. As the most complete data-security solution for heterogeneous cloud environments, we give enterprises the flexibility to easily secure sensitive data across cloud environments from a single platform.

Among the latest platform updates, we’ve added sophisticated data anonymization capabilities, allowing enterprises to confidently protect sensitive data as it moves outside of their four walls and is shared with third parties. Protegrity is also continuing to expand our cloud-protection ecosystem, permitting our customers to easily deploy the security methods that best fit their needs. Businesses can truly embrace the benefits of emerging technologies and new computing environments without slowing the speed of innovation or leaving gaps in their security.

Data-centric Security Will Empower the Next Wave of AI Innovation

Today, I’m also pleased to share our vision for the Secure AI Era, a path we truly believe will be the next frontier of innovation that will revolutionize the global economy. In the Secure AI Era, businesses and governments can harness the near-limitless potential of AI and machine learning while preserving every individual’s fundamental right to privacy.

The promise of AI for modern businesses and society at large is almost immeasurable, but companies and governments must treat the data that fuels AI initiatives as a quantifiable asset that has to be managed responsibly and secured with care.

At Protegrity, we believe that data privacy must be upheld as a fundamental human right for organizations to unlock the value of AI and machine learning. Protegrity exists to help businesses embrace the Secure AI Era by recognizing and unleashing the marketable value of their data – and to do so without exploiting the privacy of individuals and organizations.

Why the Ensõ Symbol Is a Focal Point of Our New Brand

As part of our incredible transformation as a company, we’ve unveiled a complete rebranding of the company, including a new look and feel, logo, and web site.

One of the centerpieces of our rebrand is the ensō. In Zen, an ensō is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

This symbol depicts that all things are contained within or excluded by its boundaries. The same can be said for data, which contains both promise and peril. Used safely and securely, it offers improved outcomes and innovations. Left unprotected, it can be the source of disruption and manipulation.

That’s why we chose the ensō for our brand. Protegrity allows businesses to unlock the value of their data (presence), while simultaneously securing that data to protect every individual’s fundamental right to privacy (absence).

Explore the New Protegrity

The past year has been filled with change, momentum, and growth. The incredible efforts made by the team leading up to this day have been tremendous and it’s been a true pleasure to be a part of this transformation.

To learn more about the new Protegrity, check out our new website.

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