Protegrity for Snowflake: Cross-Border Data Movement Made Easy

By Protegrity
Jun 20, 2023


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Protegrity + Snowflake partnership integrations can help businesses:

  • Utilize data protection methods within their cloud platforms
  • Come one step closer to cross-border data compliance
  • Assist with their regulatory compliance requirements
  • Reduce risks of ransomware attacks, hefty compliance fines, and more
  • Creating peace of mind among customers, knowing their data is protected wherever it travels or rests
  • Improving revenue gains by reducing costs of compliance fines and enhancing customer experiences

Organizations must constantly adapt to the challenges of maintaining compliance while handling data. Nowhere is that more apparent than cross-border data protection, which allows data to be and remain protected across jurisdictions, states, counties, and countries with the right data security tools. According to the United Nations, 137 of 197 of its members have data and privacy legislation in place.

Businesses looking to grow and compete will increasingly be challenged by this growing complexity of data sovereignty, data localization, and privacy requirements. The Software Alliance says, “Cross-border data transfers allow software companies to provide new and innovative services to every sector of the economy — driving growth, enabling the technologies of the future, improving health and safety, and promoting social good.”

Let’s take a closer look at cross-border data protection — and what your organization can do to turn a complicated situation into a business advantage.

What Are the Challenges of Cross-border Data Protection?

Many businesses are set up to compete globally, leveraging economies of scale and centralized decision-making processes. With the onslaught of new data security requirements, using outdated methods can result in serious business challenges — and missed opportunities.

Among the rapidly evolving laws, expansion into new regions, and cloud deployments. Forward-looking organizations that employ cross-border data protection strategies/technologies/methodologies can expect individualized positive customer experiences, the elimination of some business costs, and the simplification of data agreements with fewer data risks.

Empowered with comprehensive analytics enabled by Protegrity’s Borderless Data™ solution, organizations become more agile and can make more informed decisions quickly. And by complying with privacy and security regulations, organizations can increase customer trust and enhance their brand image.

Organizations investing in a Borderless Data™ solution can realize the economies of scale and time-to-market benefits of data flowing through in-house processing centers.

Fine-grained Cloud Security for Data At-rest, In-transit, and In-use

Security is top-of-mind as organizations deploy new methods of migrating data to the cloud. By applying the fine-grained, field-level data protection of Protegrity’s Vaultless Tokenization, which utilizes small, static token tables to generate random token values, or encryption, which uses mathematical algorithms and cryptographic keys to alter data into binary ciphertext, and through comprehensive activity monitoring, confidence is gained. Data is protected by column, field, or even by character without any back-end system modifications or loss in functionality.

A key benefit of this approach is the ability to de-identify data. Data de-identification differs from traditional security approaches in that it completely protects data in the cloud while allowing it to be used for analytics and other applications without any hindrance from security configurations through a reversal process.

Protegrity and Snowflake Partner to Solidify Your Cross-border Data Protection Posture

The partnership between Protegrity and Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, allows Snowflake users to employ Protegrity’s data de-identification technology to protect all data housed in Snowflake.

The partnership creates a secure data foundation for all types of organizations, especially those in highly-regulated industries with exceptional security and privacy needs.

“This partnership brings together two innovative companies with a common mission to help organizations get the most value out of their data, without any compromises to security or privacy”

– Vikas Jain, Sr. Technology Alliance Manager, Snowflake.

Grow your business With a Scalable Borderless Data™ Platform

With Protegrity for Snowflake, organizations like yours can seamlessly store, manage, and optimize enterprise data from a centralized and scalable cloud.

Protegrity for Snowflake makes it easier for organizations to maintain compliance requirements for a number of local, state, and federal regulations around the globe, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and more.

The scalability of Snowflake’s platform integrated with Protegrity creates cost savings while breaking down data silos and unifying data lakes, data warehouses, and disparate data sources.

Advanced Protection for Highly Sensitive Data

Some industries require greater levels of data protection to meet regulatory requirements.

Protegrity provides robust data protection solutions that can assist organizations in complying with the recent ruling by the EU General Court regarding pseudonymized data. By leveraging Protegrity’s data-centric approach, organizations can implement advanced pseudonymization techniques that effectively de-identify sensitive information while maintaining data utility and usability.

Protegrity’s solution ensures that pseudonymized data remains protected and meets the requirements of the GDPR, helping organizations achieve compliance and minimize the risk of re-identification.

Organizations can bolster data security and privacy for those highly sensitive workloads with data privacy controls that are customizable down to the field level. Data is protected at rest, in transit, and in use.

Discover the Benefits of Near-limitless Data Possibilities

With enhanced data protection from Protegrity, you can safely and freely do more with your Borderless Data — from advanced analytics to artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives — without data security being a hindrance. You can securely share data with third-party vendors without compromising data privacy, security, or integrity. Protegrity reduces the risk of a breach with tokenization. If data were to be breached or stolen, it would be unreadable and unusable in tokenized form. Protegrity for Snowflake fosters an uptick in innovation, allowing your team to build, train, and enhance machine learning (ML) and AI models by leveraging Protegrity’s synthetic data generation capabilities, which create millions of data points and records.

Is cross-border data protection a threat … or an opportunity?

According to the World Economic Forum,

“We are witnessing a proliferation of policies around the world that restrict the movement of data across borders, which is posing a serious threat to the global digital economy, and to the ability of nations to maximize the economic and social benefits of data-reliant technologies.”

How will your organization respond to that threat? Use Borderless Data as an opportunity to turn data into valuable insights.
Protegrity for Snowflake can help you analyze, monetize, and better leverage your highly sensitive data.

Contact us to learn more.

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