Protegrity Gateway Trial

Transparently protect sensitive data across the network without modifying applications or database calls. Protect applications and API’s quickly without impacting your business.

The Protegrity Cloud and Data Security Gateways make it easy to secure any sensitive data as it passes over the network. These gateways intercept standard application-layer protocols, scan the protocol payloads for sensitive content, and protect or unprotect extracted sensitive data on the wire, based on the rules defined.

The Trial Offer

The Protegrity Gateway Technologies (PGT) trial offer is designed to allow you to learn and experiment with this new innovative data security with minimal time and effort. The trial is packaged as preconfigured Protegrity Data Security Gateway (DSG) and Protegrity Cloud Gateway (PCG) products running in a VM instance. You’ll see firsthand the two modes of product operation through the following bundled demo scenarios:

  • In-band Data Security
    • Securing a SaaS application
    • Securing a Web Service
  • On-demand Data Security
    • Invoking security services through a REST API

In each of these scenarios, a demonstration server for a fictional company is supplied so you can get started immediately.

Get Started in a Few Easy Steps

  • Fill out the registration form (on the right of this page)
  • Read and agree to software evaluation agreement
  • Follow along with the documentation and run demo use cases.


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