What is Protegrity Insight for Discovery?

Protegrity Insight for Discovery is an always on, purpose built discovery and analysis based tool intended to help companies assess and understand their risk exposure by showing them where their sensitive data resides; analyze and address top of mind compliance metrics; and, by leveraging the full suite of Protegrity software solutions, protect their data no matter where it’s going or where it resides.  For more information, please visit:  www.protegrity.com/insight

We already have a ‘discovery’ tool in-house. Why use Protegrity Insight?

There are indeed, numerous discovery tools on the market, however:

  1. They don’t all scan the same data sources.
  2. Their results vary greatly depending on the intended use case (it takes just a little undiscovered sensitive data to create great risk exposure).
  3. They often offer unclear results with false positive and false negatives.

Protegrity Insight for Discovery represents nearly two years of research and development and six months of real-world field tests.  It was specifically designed for discovery of sensitive PII data; quickly informs you of systems that may contain risks; and provides dashboard metrics and scorecards to help you assess your security and compliance status at a moment’s notice.

Unlike other discovery tools that tag samples of data and provide you with false positives and false negatives, Protegrity Insight for Discovery utilizes layers of tests on both samples of data and keywords within the schema structure. Based on the weight of each test, Insight will provide a classification and a score of how confident Protegrity Insight is of that classification.  In cases were only a very small sample is available, or only one type of test is passed, while others fail, the confidence score reflects a “low confidence”.  In cases where a full sample has passed most or all of the tests, the confidence score will be quite high.  Additionally, classifiers, their weights and scoring, keywords (and weights) and the overall confidence calculation formula can be customized via “Configuration over Programming” (CoP).  Classifiers for unique sensitive data values in an organization (Customer ID, Patient ID, SKUs, Contract Numbers, etc.) can be built on the fly using regular expressions, keywords, reference dictionaries, and custom logical tests.

Future instantiations of Protegrity Insight seek to offer data usage trending, alerting, and unusual behavior analytics as well as automated data change detection and analysis and data lineage / data flow analysis.

Is Protegrity Insight for Discovery time consuming to install?

Not at all. Protegrity Insight for Discovery is a standalone tool.  You only need a single box to install it on (even a laptop) pointing to a single sample dataset (could be on the same box).  For more information, please refer to the Protegrity Insight for Discovery Quick Start Guide.

Can Protegrity Insight for Discovery be purchased as a stand-alone tool?

Not at this time.  Protegrity Insight for Discovery is currently offered as part of Protegrity Prime.  Protegrity’s all-in subscription-based solution or via free, 30-day trial.

I’m a current Protegrity Prime customer. How do I obtain Protegrity Insight for Discovery?

Absolutely.  First though, please make sure you have reviewed the instructions in the Protegrity Insight for Discovery Quick Start Guide.  If you are still unable to download the trial license after reading the guide, please e-mail discovery@protegrity.com and/or submit your question(s) online using the form below.  We will get back to you as quickly as possible!

I’d like to extend my 30-day trial license. Is this possible?

License extensions are evaluated on a case by case basis.  To make a request, please contact sales@protegrity.com.

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