PROTEGRITY INSIGHT FOR DISCOVERY overcomes many of the challenges associated with traditional data discovery tools:

  • Analyzing large, distributed data stores is no longer slow and expensive
  • Sensitivity confidence rating reduces risk
  • Interpreting results is no longer manual and high risk and priorities are clearly identified
  • Agility to respond to an evolving data landscape is consistently assured


Protegrity is delighted to offer a complimentary thirty day trial of the Insight discovery tool, the latest product to augment our award winning data security platform.

Digital modernization, customer engagement and regulatory compliance ambitions are driving data strategies, but without the ability to be sure what and where sensitive information is located within the enterprise, organizations struggle to fully protect or realize the potential within their data.


  • Cross platform coverage
  • Highly scalable architecture, elastic and parallel processing, sampling and partial results
  • Patent-pending, machine-learning classifier algorithm with multiple classifiers on multiple features
  • Classifiers are weighted, based on the probability of accuracy

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Protegrity Insight for Discovery
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Insight Quick Start Guide


Protegrity Insight for Discovery
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