Get maximum value from secure data

Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization (PVT) is a reversible security method that replaces sensitive data with fake data that looks and feels just like the real thing. PVT provides equal or better security than encryption, while retaining the vital usability of data for business processes.

Secure PCI, Privacy and Healthcare data, including credit cards, names and addresses, and preserve internal value, while making them worthless to potential thieves. The patented Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization process eliminates all of the challenges associated with standard “vault-based” tokenization — No stored sensitive data, no performance drains, no scalability limits. Just usable, secure data.


High performance and unlimited scalability – Fast creation of new data tokens and quick recovery of the original data when needed. The solution scales linearly to increase the throughput required for demanding business requirements.

Flexible deployment – Deploy in a distributed environment, including on each node in an MPP system, or in a central topology. Neither require any replication between the token servers. Multiple deployment options allow you to optimize performance and security for each unique use case.

Multiple types and formats – PVT delivers flexible, format-preserving token types, including numeric, alphanumeric, date, time, address, and other structured tokens. Tokens can also be generalized, or created with “bleed through” or part of the original data exposed. This business intelligence can be useful when applications use only part of the sensitive data for processing.

Platform approach – As part of the Protegrity Security Platform, customers are able to leverage platform-agnostic Vaultless Tokenization capabilities throughout the heterogeneous enterprise. Protegrity supports a wide range of operating systems, databases, EDWs, Mainframes, Big Data platforms, and cloud environments.

  • Performance– fastest tokenization on the market, near zero latency
  • Scalability– easy to create redundancy, no replication required
  • Security– no vault means no tokens to steal and no vulnerable PANs
  • Compliance– supports PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other requisite protection standards
  • Ease of use– deploy and grow with commodity hardware
  • Unity– centrally control policy, key management, and reporting across the enterprise

You not only get all this power and flexibility – you also get the lowest total cost of ownership in the market:

  • No vault means no unwieldy, ever-expanding database (or the DBA time to support it)
  • No replication means no costly real-time replication service (or the engineer time to run it)
  • Lightweight tokenization engine can easily run on cost-effective commodity hardware
  • Ease of scalability and management keep ongoing maintenance costs in check

Let Protegrity save you, your business and your customers time, complexity, resources, and money, all while keeping payment data secure, easily-accessible, and compliant.

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