Protegrity is excited to establish a presence in Asia Pacific, a recognition of the interest the company has experienced in the region for the Protegrity Data Security Platform, which offers centrally-controlled data discovery, security and user activity logging for applications, databases, Big Data warehouses, mainframes, and the cloud. These solutions are available through Protegrity Prime, the industry’s first all-in subscription solution that bundles the company’s software, support and consulting services into flexible tiers based on how much sensitive data is protected.

Next Demonstration: Wed. December 12, 2018 16:00 pm (Singapore)

Live Demonstration: Test Data Generation and Automated Data Monetization

The opportunity from opening up datasets is huge, but so are the risks. A possible data breach can cost a company its reputation and market share – as we saw happen to Target and Facebook. On the other hand, few data-driven companies would like to pass on the opportunity of data monetization. Organisations find themselves caught in between these two seemingly conflicting strategies: innovating while assuring maximum security of their datasets.

Test data generation is another potential impediment to innovation, if done carelessly. Test systems are a notorious vulnerability point in enterprise architectures as the data is shared in the clear between development teams and data scientists. The only way to empower these teams and ensure secure operations is to protect test data sets.

In this session we’ll review key enablers to achieving secure automated data monetization and test data generation. We’ll share some good practices learned from our customers, and give you a taste of the “art of possible” with a live demonstration.


On-Demand Demonstrations

Protegrity Cloud Solutions

Protegrity Insight for Discovery Trial

Protegrity Insight for DiscoveryTM, is a purpose-built data discovery, classification and analysis tool that helps you assess and understand your risk exposure by showing you where your sensitive data resides. You can then analyze and address critical compliance metrics; and protect your data at rest, in transit or in use across the entire enterprise and in the cloud.

Protegrity Data Security Gateway Trial

The Protegrity Data Security Gateway make it easy to secure any sensitive data as it passes over the network. This gateway intercepts standard application-layer protocols, scan the protocol payloads for sensitive content, and protect or unprotect extracted sensitive data on the wire, based on the rules defined.

Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization

Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization (PVT) is a reversible security method that replaces sensitive data with fake data that looks and feels just like the real thing. PVT provides equal or better security than encryption, while retaining the vital usability of data for business processes.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Privacy by Design

Hitchhikers Guide to Privacy by Design

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