The Innovative Data Protection Platform

With increased risk and occurrence of data breaches, it has become an imperative for organizations to secure all their sensitive data across their entire IT landscape. Any sensitive data left in-the-clear is a target for hackers and unscrupulous employees. The challenge is that traditional software licensing makes it expensive and slow to secure all sensitive data.

Protegrity removes this with a simple, comprehensive model: PRIME

Protegrity Prime provides access to the entire Protegrity data protection capability, and the ability to protect all their sensitive data. Our unrivaled innovation in data security now extends to a unique subscription-based licensing model.

Protegrity Prime is a tiered subscription model, it’s flexible, based on usage – measured by ‘Protection Operations’ (PoPs). Protegrity provides fine-grained data-protection, at a field level and a single ‘Protection Operation’ is the application of Protegrity of a specific, new data item.

Protegrity: Protection Operations (PoPs)
The Protegrity Prime model is tiered based on a measure of usage – called PoPs – protection operations. To illustrate, let’s assume an organisation has 10 million customers, and a need to protect 6 data fields for each customer [name, date of birth, phone number, street address, postcode, email address]. So they will need to protect 10m * 6 = 60m protection operations.


The Protegrity Prime approach provides organizations with access to all capability required to implement complete, comprehensive security coverage:

  • No extra cost to protect new, additional technology platforms
  • No extra cost when platforms are expanded and/or upgraded
  • No evaluation agreements to try out new Protegrity protectors
  • No additional legal paperwork


Instead, with Protegrity Prime:

  • Simplified agreements
  • Simple, predictable opex payments
  • Acceleration of data protection
  • Reduction in potential breach impact

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  1. Protegrity Prime includes all Protegrity GA software
  2. Protegrity Prime includes gold-level 24*7 support, and access to all patches and upgrades
  3. Protegrity Prime includes specified hours of Protegrity consulting services; to provide customers with advice and guidance on getting the most from their subscription
  4. Protection Operations: PoPs – see note above
  5. Monthly cost: contact us for more information