New Leadership, Partnership Mark Protegrity’s Global Reach to Australia, New Zealand

December 2, 2020
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As data goes, so goes Protegrity.

This year, we continued to extend our reach around the globe so that businesses worldwide can look to Protegrity to protect their data and, in turn, have the confidence to improve customer experiences, make intelligent decisions, and fuel innovation. Our expansion in Australia and New Zealand, for example, particularly illustrates how, when we work with partners such as Snowflake and Servian, we’re making good on our aim of protecting the world’s data.

First, we’re proud to announce the recent appointment of Andrew Blamey as Protegrity’s general manager of the Asia-Pacific region. He leads our APAC team, improving upon a foundation built over the past two years by our sales and service leaders in the area. Those efforts established the Protegrity brand, and solidified support for customers and partners in Australia, New Zealand, and across the region. Andrew joins us after a successful career at Teradata, mostly in APAC. He has a peerless reputation for collaboration with customers and partners across sales, consulting, and general management. We’re excited about what’s to come in APAC because of Andrew and his team.

Importance of Partnerships

The team will be the first to tout the importance of our partnerships in the region. Indeed, we’re proud of our business partnership with Servian, a global IT consultancy that is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Data shaped the heritage of Servian and remains at the core of everything the consultancy does. It helps companies implement AI, analytics, customer-engagement, and cloud solutions so they can become data-centric and pursue data-driven initiatives.

Our partnership with the cloud data platform Snowflake has also increased Protegrity’s visibility in APAC. As in the U.S., companies in Australia and New Zealand are turning to Snowflake’s cloud data warehouse to extract valuable insight from data. Likewise, those companies are increasingly mindful of abiding by GDPR and other codified expectations—including the Australian Privacy Principles Act and The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) system—on how to best protect customer privacy through the management of their data.

Protegrity tokenization for Snowflake meets the requirements, performance, and scale needed for businesses to move sensitive data sets into Snowflake. A proven data-protection method, tokenization perfectly complements Snowflake’s data-masking capabilities and security controls. Snowflake provides built-in data security and governance in its environment, while Protegrity protects the privacy of the individuals associated with that data before it even reaches Snowflake. This combination of data security ensures that organizations comply with privacy laws in Australia, New Zealand, and the world over.

Driving Innovation

As 2020 winds down, we look forward to starting a new year in which more companies turn to Protegrity, Servian, and Snowflake to accelerate the democratization of data to drive innovation while ensuring their sensitive data is seamlessly protected on-premises, in the cloud, and as it moves. 

But before the year closes, we at Protegrity, along with Servian and Snowflake have put together an on-demand webinar that will help your organization learn more about protecting your sensitive data so it can be safely accessed, managed, and used in all sorts of applications. The webinar explores the following:

  • Data Governance and Privacy: Learn about policy management that allows the enterprise to comply with evolving privacy laws, including data de-identification and localization.
  • Enterprise Security: Learn how the Protegrity platform provides logging, monitoring, and SIEM integrations to ensure transparency.
  • Data Transparency: Learn how Snowflake+Protegrity offers a protected data-custody chain across environments and platforms.
  • Data Sharing: See how secured sensitive data allows decentralized access to data across business lines and organizations, fulfilling the promise of data democratization and secure AI.
  • Performance, Scale, and Resilience: See how this partnership protects data in the analytical environments of the world’s largest global brands.


We hope you’ll watch the webinar. And we hope Protegrity, Snowflake, and Servian can help transform your business into an intelligence-driven enterprise that uses data to drive innovation with secure analytics and artificial intelligence, without fear of violating compliance or jeopardizing privacy.