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STAMFORD, Conn.(BUSINESS WIRE) -Protegrity, a leading enterprise data-security provider, has announced the release of its Sensitive-Data Discovery Workshop. Businesses struggle to locate and secure sensitive data across their enterprises to protect their customers and meet regulatory and legislative mandates. In response to this challenge, the Sensitive-Data Discovery Workshop aims to accelerate efforts to locate and catalog sensitive data—such as personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI)—wherever it is stored unprotected, whether in databases or other data stores.

According to Scott Fleming, EVP Global Services and Support, Protegrity: “Before businesses can develop a robust data-security posture, they first need to know where their sensitive data resides. Our Sensitive-Data Discovery Workshop lays the foundation for any enterprise data-security strategy.”

During this one-week workshop, Protegrity experts install and configure Protegrity Insight for Data Discovery, its industry-leading product for sensitive-data detection and classification. Working collaboratively with the customer’s data governance and technical teams, Protegrity data experts identify high-priority systems and data stores and initiate scanning and classification. As sensitive data is discovered and catalogued, the Protegrity team reviews the product’s findings surfaced through dashboards and reports. To ensure the customer can proactively secure sensitive data in the future, Protegrity data experts recommend tactics to better protect this data.

This sensitive data, of course, can be anything defined as sensitive by the organization, which in addition to PII and PHI, can include any data the enterprise has a responsibility to classify and apply additional security controls. Protegrity Insight for Data Discovery is specifically designed to uncover this type of information, as well as support customization based on sensitive data that is unique to the customer.

Upon completion of the workshop, customers will have the ability to continue to access Protegrity Insight for Data Discovery for three months to allow expanded use across the enterprise. This subscription includes access to the Protegrity global support organization, so customers can continue to see value from proactively securing and protecting their sensitive data.

“For years, Protegrity has been trusted by some of the world’s largest companies and most influential brands to help protect their most sensitive data,” explained Rick Farnell, CEO, Protegrity. “But even among these category leaders, locating and categorizing sensitive data outside of their current data-security programs can be a tedious, expensive, and manual process. Now, with the Sensitive-Data Discovery Workshop, businesses can start leveraging Protegrity’s data-discovery technology in just one week and be on the path towards achieving comprehensive risk mitigation against sensitive data breaches.”

About Protegrity

Data has become the most valuable asset of any enterprise. It’s being used to provide better service, improve outcomes, innovate new products, drive new revenue channels, and open doors to internal efficiencies. Protegrity, founded by a team of data-security experts, aims to simply the complexities of traditional data-protection methods. With data-first security from Protegrity, enterprises can be confident that their sensitive data is secure, enabling them to reach their full potential while maintaining privacy and compliance. The company, as its core, espouses a customer-first mission of creating and delivering the most comprehensive and reliable data-security solutions possible. For more information, visit

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