Protegrity + Amazon Redshift: Securely Increasing Analytics Agility in the Cloud

October 23, 2020
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In recent years, the realms of data analytics and cloud computing have converged, leading organizations to move, store, and use increasingly more sensitive data in the cloud. This convergence – and the resulting explosion of sensitive cloud analytics data – requires new approaches and technologies to protect that data, while still maintaining its fundamental integrity and value for mission-critical analytics initiatives.

As part of our commitment to expanding cloud-inclusivity and enabling customers to maintain enterprise-wide protection wherever sensitive data resides, today we’re pleased to announce support for Amazon Redshift, a fully-managed, petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse. Protegrity for Amazon Redshift is empowering customers to increase their analytics agility by enabling them to use and get the most value out of sensitive data, risk-free in the cloud.

A Sign of the Times: Securing Fast-tracked Cloud Digital Transformation

The proliferation of cloud and SaaS technologies has heightened the expectations of data protection. And with data now squarely at the center of cloud innovation, its security can greatly impact the bottom line of the business.  

Organizations with strict security and IT requirements have also increased the security policies associated with how they collect, move, and analyze data. Because of the many complex regulations that safeguard the privacy of data, these requirements can often create bottlenecks that prevent businesses from being able to unlock the full potential of data in the cloud for business operations.

At the same time, the pandemic and economic downturn have launched enterprise digital transformation into a “fast-forward” mode and accelerated migration to the cloud. To innovate responsibly, it’s critical for enterprises to adopt an elevated data security strategy that adheres to strict privacy laws and regulations, especially during a time when much of the global workforce is operating remotely and much, if not all, of global consumers are purchasing goods, services and experiences through mobile and digital channels.

Protecting Data at the Speed of Business

Protegrity’s enterprise data-protection capabilities in the Amazon Redshift environment helps businesses achieve operational resilience by providing critical data security for digital transformation initiatives like analytics, cloud migration, machine learning, and AI. Protegrity protects the privacy of individuals by anonymizing data before it reaches Amazon Redshift. It also adds a necessary protection layer, allowing customers to worry less about their data being compromised and devote more time to realizing the full potential of their data.

Protegrity ensures the privacy and security of sensitive data, wherever it resides, so employees, analytics teams, and business partners can access it quickly for innovation, decision-making, and building their corporate brand. For more information on the Protegrity for Amazon Redshift solution, visit