Protegrity Announces Availability on AWS Marketplace

June 21, 2021
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It truly does take a village (of technologies) to make a business prosper. Between a long list of on-premises hardware and cloud-based networks, servers, and applications, organizations can’t get ahead without relying on many technology vendors.

In our mission to protect the data of large Fortune 500, mid-sized, and up-and-coming companies, we recognize the importance of vendor neutrality. We aim to be inclusive in our partnerships so we can help all enterprises, no matter where they store and use their data. That’s why we’re proud to announce yet another new chapter in our partnerships with Amazon and Snowflake. Three of our solutions—Protegrity Discover, Protegrity for Amazon Redshift, and Protegrity for Snowflake—are now available on AWS Marketplace.

With just a few clicks on AWS Marketplace, businesses can make it easier than ever to find, identify, and protect their sensitive data in the cloud, including the two popular cloud data warehouses of Amazon Redshift and Snowflake.

Businesses of all sizes are struggling to coalesce, classify, and protect all of the data they generate and share. At the same time, they need to protect sensitive data elements in all of that data. It’s not just a belief of individuals that the data they share with organizations should be kept private, but it’s also a codified expectation in regulations. 

If organizations want to place data at the center of customer service, product development, human resources, marketing, sales, services, and just about every element of business, they have to protect it. They need to discover and classify data in cloud-based applications and databases, as well as on-premises systems, and then determine what is sensitive so they can effectively protect it.

With more companies embracing the cloud to achieve their digital-transformation goals, Protegrity continues to evolve to meet the unique needs of organizations to ensure their sensitive data remains secure—regardless of where it resides. Our availability on the AWS Marketplace simplifies and streamlines the delivery of Protegrity’s advanced data-protection capabilities and is a big step toward supporting even more companies as they accelerate their journeys to the cloud.

Here’s a look at what you’ll find in AWS Marketplace:

Protegrity Discover

Data is valuable only when it can be effectively coalesced and classified, and that’s not easy. 

Businesses can’t keep up with all of the data they generate and share, and it will only continue to proliferate. IDC predicts that, by 2025, 175 zettabytes (or 175 trillion gigabytes) of new data will have been created around the world. Add the many zettabytes that have been annually produced over the past decade. That’s a lot of data—and much of it is sensitive.

A powerful data discovery tool, Protegrity Discover locates any unprotected sensitive data in cloud applications and platforms so it can be properly protected. Discover scans, samples, classifies, catalogs, and analyzes sensitive data, generating a risk assessment report and providing next steps to protect data in the clear. Once your data house is in order, innovation can proceed uninterrupted.

Protegrity for Amazon Redshift

The call for data privacy, and thus the need to protect data, has never been greater—and it will only get louder.

Several countries (including Australia and Brazil) and US states (including California with its pioneering Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, and Virginia with its recent Consumer Data Protection Act, or CDPA) have enacted data-privacy regulations aimed at safeguarding consumer data and ensuring privacy. They join a long list of other regulations that have enshrined data privacy, including the New York SHIELD Act, COPPA, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

Organizations trying to meet any of those stringent data security requirements can deploy Protegrity for Amazon Redshift. By deeply integrating Protegrity’s Cloud API with Amazon Redshift—a fully managed, petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse—we’re helping companies create more value and insights from sensitive data in the cloud by allowing protected data to be fully used without risk. With format-preserving vaultless tokenization capabilities, Protegrity ensures data is protected at every step of the data lifecycle—from storing and transferring data to analyzing it for valuable insights.

Protegrity for Snowflake

The same holds true for data that’s stored, processed, and analyzed in Snowflake: Organizations need to demonstrate that as they take advantage of cloud databases and applications, they’re also taking every possible step toward protecting sensitive data.

Protegrity for Snowflake combines Snowflake’s superior data-warehouse capabilities with Protegrity’s ability to extend internal data-security policies to keep sensitive data private. Together, Protegrity and Snowflake provides an infinitely scalable, analytics-optimized cloud data warehouse with additional security and privacy capabilities that support deployment on AWS and other major public clouds. The partnership creates a secure cloud data foundation for all industries, ensuring sensitive data remains private and satisfying strict data privacy regulations.

Secure Partnerships

Having our discovery tool and cloud protectors available on AWS Marketplace illustrates the trust and confidence that companies place in our ability to free them to make the most of their data because it’s secure. 

And our relationships with Amazon and Snowflake demonstrate that when the two major technology companies needed to safeguard sensitive data in their data warehouses, they didn’t hesitate to turn to Protegrity. They recognized how our product experts and professional services team have a deep understanding of how to best align our data protection platform and solutions with companies’ specific data-protection needs—and can seamlessly onboard customers so they can immediately begin to make full use of their protected data. 

Here’s what Mona Chadha, Director, AWS Marketplace Category Management, AWS, had to say about us: “Protegrity’s integration with AWS services like Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, and Amazon S3 allows customers to leverage fine-grained data protection capabilities for sensitive data and compliance. The availability of Protegrity’s solutions in AWS Marketplace will help more organizations to protect their data in the cloud while obtaining powerful insights in their digital transformation.”

With businesses stuck between innovation and the weight of compliance, Protegrity frees them to innovate because they’re confident we protect their sensitive mission-critical data. Businesses shopping on AWS Marketplace, we hope, will recognize the power of Protegrity, too.