Protegrity+Snowflake: A Partnership for Analytics Privacy

June 2, 2020
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Snowflake, the cloud data warehouse, is a driving force  of democratizing data globally. Its solution offers instant access through a single platform so businesses can extract value from their data. At Protegrity, we aim to protect data wherever it resides and wherever it is needed—which now includes the Snowflake environment.

I am proud to announce today that the two companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will allow Snowflake users to employ our data de-identification technology to protect all data housed in Snowflake’s managed cloud data warehouse.

While the technology and development effort that underlies this is complex, the concept of what it means for enterprises is quite simple. In essence, Snowflake protects data as data in its environment; Protegrity protects the privacy of the individuals associated with that data.  

Put another way, Protegrity for Snowflake provides an infinitely scalable, analytics-optimized cloud data warehouse with additional security and privacy capabilities that support deployment on the major public clouds. Our partnership creates a secure data foundation for all industries, but especially those that need exceptional security because of the nature of their business. Now, businesses can focus on delivering innovation instead of worrying about the management of environments.

At Protegrity, we fundamentally believe that businesses can't fully innovate with data until they implement a modern multi-cloud, multi-SaaS, multi-data store data-protection strategy. 

Business Imperative

It is more important than ever today, when enterprises leverage hybrid cloud services for their flexibility and enhanced capabilities, that they take a comprehensive approach to their data privacy and data security policies and administration. This transformation has become a business imperative, since global brands are concerned about being disrupted by fast-moving innovators. The coupling of Protegrity with Snowflake allows businesses to accelerate the democratization of data that drives innovation, while ensuring sensitive data is protected at rest, on-premise, in the cloud, as it moves, and in use.  

With our Snowflake partnership, Protegrity continues to expand its cloud-inclusive strategy, allowing customers to maintain the best-in-class enterprise data security they have come to expect from us, wherever they need it, to provide the freedom to innovate with their most valued asset–their data.