Two Rock-solid Predictions for 2021: Protect Kubernetes and Data

December 11, 2020
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Seemingly everyone has predictions to offer as a new year rolls in. More often than not, they miss the mark, sometimes by miles. Who can forget prognostications that guaranteed the Titanic wouldn’t sink, smartphones would flop, and The Beatles were a flash in the pan?

Usually, expectation and reality meet halfway in the middle, even if a prediction takes more than a calendar year to materialize. I have two forecasts on what could possibly happen with technology in 2021:

Kubernetes Will Become A Critical Cybersecurity Battlefield

Enterprises are extending their data ecosystems to include public- and hybrid-cloud deployments at an accelerating rate, particularly as they seek to expand their operational and analytics agility.

In this new multi-cloud world, Kubernetes has emerged as the de-facto standard to deploy large-scale software systems, delivering on the promise to deploy within and across on-premises, public-cloud, or hybrid-cloud environments. Securing Kubernetes at all levels—but especially securing the data being processed across these clusters—will be one of the hottest tech trends in 2021.

Only Innovation Can Deliver on Policy’s Promise of Online Privacy

Despite the digitization of the global economy and the many technological advancements of recent decades, it’s still the Wild West when it comes to controlling access to one’s own personal data.

It is easy for policymakers to promise a world in which individuals can make informed decisions about what aspects of their lives they share with others and how that information can be used. But to achieve this vision requires data-security and privacy tools that can capture and enforce these decisions. Expect to see the emergence of industry groups to assemble solutions to meet consumer and regulatory pressure and put citizens back in the driver’s seat managing their personal data.

You undoubtedly have a lot on your plate as you chase your department and organization’s goals for 2021. So, just remember two things as the new year unfolds: secure Kubernetes and protect data.