The Future of Retail is more Data and Customer Centric which Drive Growth and Innovation


Global Retail Markets will Reach $10 Trillion by 2021 by Investing in Technology to Monetize Consumer Information

Digital disruption is happening now and retailers are adapting rapidly to leverage their most valuable asset – consumer data. The explosive growth in data has significantly impacted how retailers communicate with customers and drive corporate strategy.

With these changes retailers are realizing a few key facts:


  • AI, IOT and Personalization are key trends for retailers. Strict privacy standards must be upheld when using consumer information.
  • Traditional data protection is inflexible, low performing and expensive to scale. 
  • Breaches cause serious damage to brand perception and customer loyalty.
  • Years of legacy systems and employee habits are hard to change.
  • Personal customer information has great potential, but must be protected from misuse.

Focused on Customer Success

Safely Delivering Growth through Better Customer Experience - Sol Brief
5 Ways Global Retailers Protect their Customer Data
Retail Transformation Turns Data Risk into Reward

Maximize Brand, Customer Trust, and Business Revenue with Protegrity

  • Improve shopper engagement without adding attrition risk:
  • Protect brand value:
  • Comply with PCI DSS, GDPR and other regulatory requirements:
  • Securely move your retail data center capacity to the cloud:


20% of the largest Retailers protect their data with Protegrity*

Protegrity represents a proven answer to data-driven organizations concerned about protecting sensitive information without compromising business processes. Global Fortune 500 Retail organizations use Protegrity to ensure their data is only released to authorized customers and personnel.
*Based upon Fortune Global 500 Lists released in August of 2016

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