Professional Services

Protegrity’s expert security specialists come with decades of experience supporting data-driven initiatives at some of the largest organizations in the world. It's what sets us apart.

We Focus on Data Security and Business Success

Global consulting practitioners focused on understanding, simplifying, and delivering on your data security projects—as fast as possible.
In-House Product Expertise
Security industry veterans, trained on Protegrity software products, together with a wide range of applicable technologies bring it all together.
Building Solid Architectures
Protecting data without compromising the data-flow architectures powering modern businesses is what we are all about.

Training to Ensure Positive Outcomes

Instructor-led, highly interactive training features hands-on case studies and exercises to build a solid base of knowledge for your key employees.
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Accelerate your data protection with Protegrity Jumpstart
Protegrity Jumpstart is the fastest way to begin learning how to protect your sensitive data. Our experts will condense your initial implementation to just 16 weeks.
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Discover Workshop

Accelerate your data protection with Protegrity Discover Workshop
During the one-week program, our team will help you install and use the Protegrity Discover tool. The program culminates in a findings presentation, in which we interpret the results of your scan, and provide additional consultation around data-protection measures.
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