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Sensitive-Data Discovery Workshop

Protegrity's Sensitive-Data Discovery Workshop is designed to help businesses uncover and catalog the sensitive data within their data stores in just one week

Discover and Catalog Your Sensitive Data Faster

Configure and Scan To get started as quickly as possible, Protegrity experts will work with your team to install and connect our Insight for Discovery product to your data stores. We will then work with your team to detect the most important sensitive data such as PII or PHI.
Catalog As sensitive data is sorted by the data classifiers, Insight for Discovery will provide supporting information to help you catalog it, including when, what, where, and how much data has been identified as sensitive.
Analyze After the scan is performed, the Protegrity team will develop a dashboard to help you assess the findings, and provide additional consultation on what data security measures can be taken to protect the sensitive data.
Edited_Sensitive Data Discovery Workshop Diagram

How Sensitive-Data Discovery Workshop Works

During the one-week program, our team of experts will help you install and use the Insight Discovery tool.  The program culminates in a findings presentation, where we interpret the results of your scan, and provide additional consultation around data protection measures.  You will be able to use the product for an additional 3 months after the workshop with full access to our global support organization.


To Discover What, Where, and How Much Sensitive Data Your Business Holds Learn More
"We developed the Sensitive-Data Discovery Workshop because the first step to achieving enterprise data security is establishing what sensitive data your business holds, and where it resides."
Scott Fleming, EVP Global Services and Support, Protegrity

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