Why Protegrity Our unique data security technologies are built for today's data-driven businesses. Learn More
Data Discovery Uncover where sensitive data resides
Data Management Control every corner of the enterprise
Data Protectors Protection beyond platforms
Professional Services Security experts for every need
Security Gateways Data security that goes with the data
Vaultless Tokenization Go beyond encryption
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Data-First Security Maximizes
Data Innovation

Truly secure data that can be fully leveraged is the key to growth and business innovation that is otherwise impossible to achieve without tremendous risk.

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Innovation Powered by Protection

AI & Machine Learning Securely use data in intelligent applications and new modern AI, ML and data science platforms to take predictive and proactive actions.
Advanced Analytics Empower line-of-business teams with the data they need from existing and new data sources without sacrificing customer privacy.
Cloud Computing Boost efficiency and agility by leveraging the public cloud for data storage and computing power, while maintaining control.

Don’t Let Security Hold You Back

There are many methods of data protection, but some make data unusable without application rewrites, or permanently anonymize the data so it no longer holds value. Protegrity pairs industry-leading de-identification methods with policy-based re-identification that gives approved users only the data they need to succeed.

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One Enterprise Data Hub
Powering Secure Customer Loyalty Analytics Read Case Study
"This customer-centric retailer set an enterprise-wide standard for data protection and now has confidence that it can secure future growth through digital innovation and intentional data privacy policies."

How Does Data Protection Secure Innovation?

Intelligent privacy design ensures that the data being secured retains its business value.

Lower TCO Automated discovery and protection of sensitive data increases efficiency.
Ease of Use Central, singular control simplifies security policy enforcement.
Peace of Mind Analysis of automated logging drives smarter data protection.
Reduced Risk Sensitive data is protected using the best and most appropriate methods.
Agile Growth Scalable protection of data enables confident adoption of cloud innovation.

Secure Innovation with Protegrity Webinar In this 30-minute webinar learn how a data-first approach to security can enable digital innovation, fulfill regulatory requirements, and make way for data-driven architectures with demonstrations on Cloudera of Protegrity’s Hadoop protection. Watch Video
Privacy by Design White Paper Maintaining referential integrity of datasets and interoperability between systems is the cornerstone of our solution and forms the basis of the recommendations set-out in this eBook. Download Now

Top Ways to Leverage Data Protection to Drive Innovation and Growth Data is what drives today’s Financial Services organizations, but with great data comes an even greater responsibility to protect it. Download Now
5 Ways Data Protection can Secure Customer-Centric Innovation Organizations determined to harness the power of their data to drive their agility and growth are embracing innovation and as a result, data infrastructures are constantly evolving. Learn More

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