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Data Discovery Uncover where sensitive data resides
Data Management Control every corner of the enterprise
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Data Security Governance

See, manage and protect sensitive information everywhere it goes – inside and outside of the enterprise, across all data silos.

Answer the Key Questions of Data Governance

Where Is the Data? Protegrity’s data discovery solution spans both enterprise and 3rd party data silos and delivers centralized, single-pane-of glass visibility and management, so organizations can govern sensitive data wherever it resides.
Who Can Access It? Through enterprise security policy management and separation of duties, Protegrity streamlines and strengthens access controls from end to end, so that only those who are appropriately authorised can see the real data in the fields they require in their role.
How Can They Use It? The move to the cloud, the rise of SaaS applications and the leveraging of partners in critical business functions has made fast, secure data access critical to success, so Protegrity protects data whether in use, in motion or at rest.

Governance in the Cloud

The cloud providers are only responsible for protecting the cloud itself. It’s up to enterprises to protect the data itself.

Watch this webcast from Protegrity to learn about the Shared Responsibility model and how governance is even more important in the cloud.

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Take Control of Governance

In order to drive business value, enterprise data is shared across more and more silos. Learn how a data-first approach and smart governance goes beyond siloed security measures.

Greater Visibility Find and identify sensitive data across the enterprise
A Single Point of Control Centrally eliminate enterprise risk and unnecessary complexity
Agility and Scalability Easily accommodate changes to the enterprise data landscape
Policy-Driven Access Protect sensitive data while empowering teams with what they need

What Shared Responsibility in the Cloud Means to Your Data As you move more and more data into the cloud, the importance of protecting that data increases exponentially. Watch the Webcast
Protegrity Insight for Data Discovery Video You think you know where your sensitive data resides, but do you? Discover what lies below the surface with Protegrity Insight (TM) for Discovery. Watch the Video

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Privacy by Design Like Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, organizations around the world are suddenly realizing they have been missing something important: that people care about their privacy. Download the Guide
The Secrets of Cloud Data Security Best Practices and Technology to Keep Your Data Secure in the Cloud Download Now

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