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Data Security for Healthcare

Protegrity delivers a proven solution for healthcare payers and providers who need to leverage Protected Health Information (PHI) [CL1] [BM2] to improve patient outcomes, lower costs and manage risk.

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Do More with Data that’s Secure

Build Unified Records Putting Electronic Health Records (EHR) securely in one place offers an opportunity for their Meaningful Use, to improve patient wellness and their healthcare experience.
Boost Efficiency Securely engage with cloud-based technologies and Covered Entities to increase business agility and significantly reduce operational spend.
Identify Clinical Trends Leverage PHI to uncover opportunities for early intervention and prevent epidemics, cure diseases, and avoid unnecessary deaths.

Trust Is Earned. Don’t Blow It.

Protegrity helps healthcare organizations secure sensitive information in order to protect patient privacy and eliminate the reputational and financial damage resulting from data breaches.

Protegrity protects the healthcare data of 1/3 of Americans.

Securing Healthcare Data
0 Changes to Applications
Protegrity de-identified PHI and PII data without slowing down innovation and key initiatives. Read Case Study
"Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization (PVT) enabled secure predictive analytics for a major US healthcare enterprise."

Protegrity Drives Secure Growth

Healthcare organizations with a data-first approach to protecting patient and member data can do more with their data, driving results that reach from the patient room to the boardroom.

Get the guide, 5 Growth Initiatives Healthcare Payers Can Leverage Today With Security, today.

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Data-First Security for Patient-First Organizations

Protegrity protects sensitive patient and member data down to the letter and number while allowing critical data-driven applications access to the data they need to make a difference.

Improve Outcomes Drive better healthcare outcomes and pay for performance by utilizing more data, securely.
Protect Data Anywhere Protegrity delivers data security across silos as well as to vital third party services insurers rely on.
Reduce Risk Protegrity data discovery ensures all sensitive data is found, so it can be protected, and compliance with HIPAA and privacy regulations can be simplified.
Policy-Driven Access Keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands while empowering teams with the data they need.

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