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Data Discovery Uncover where sensitive data resides
Data Management Control every corner of the enterprise
Data Protectors Protection beyond platforms
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Data Security for Retail

Make critical advancements in retail using AI, IOT and personalization to remain relevant, while upholding strict privacy standards to protect consumer information

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Customer Centricity That Fuels Brand Loyalty

Embrace Key Trends Get ahead of competitors by embracing AI, IOT & personalization while enforcing comprehensive privacy standards across the enterprise.
Scale & Protect Choose the modern alternative to traditional data protection, which can be inflexible, low performing and expensive to scale.
Combat Breaches Avoid serious damage to brand perception and customer loyalty through fine-grained protection of sensitive data.
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Best Practices for Your Success

Protegrity delivers a proven answer for data-driven retail organizations concerned about protecting sensitive information without compromising business processes.

20% of the largest Retailers protect their data with Protegrity.

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117M Sensitive Customer Records
Secured in 2 Days by Global Retailer Learn More
“I’ve never been involved in a process of implementation that had so little negative impact on users.”
Head of Global Information Security,

Retail Transformation Turns Data Risk Into Reward

How do the world’s major retailers connect personalized customer experiences and data protection to drive brand loyalty?

By 2020, retailers viewed as digitally trustworthy will generate 20% more online profit than those that are not.


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Secure Your Data Without Compromise

Maximize brand equity, customer trust, consumer privacy & business revenue with the Protegrity Data Security Gateway, part of the industry’s only data-first security solution.

Build Connections Improve shopper engagement without adding attrition risk
Shield Reputations Protect brand value & consumer trust
Conquer Compliance Comply with PCI DSS, GDPR and other regulatory requirements
Leverage the Cloud Securely scale your retail data center capacity in the cloud

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