Protect Sensitive Data in Salesforce, the world’s biggest SaaS platform with over 150,000 companies as customers has never been breached. Is that true?

Many organisations feel that relying on the basic encryption that Salesforce Shield offers may not be enough to appropriately protect sensitive data.

Granularity of policies is key to help prevent insider breaches. Most users can carry out day to day work without being able to see all sensitive data pertaining to an individual. In addition, superuser admin roles are often the target for hackers looking to steal login details. To prevent this, organisations are introducing role based security which can be controlled centrally.

Protect sensitive data in Salesforce with the same policies as used for on premise environments with the Protegrity Cloud Security Gateway for Salesforce Package.

  • Secure sensitive data in Saleforce transparently, without interruption of loss of functionality to users
  • Extend protection to any standard or custom fields in Saleforce without coding using Configuration over Programming (CoP)
  • Utilize a variety of security methods, including Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization or AES 256 encryption
  • Enhance security with enterprise-grade key management and flexible policy controls
  • Leverage better visibility with comprehensive activity monitoring and reporting
  • Purpose-built for Salesforce – Deploy in 3 easy steps

Out-of-the-Box Protection Built for Salesforce

The Protegrity Cloud Security Gateway for Salesforce protects native fields, including account name and address, without additional configuration. Additional native fields or custom fields can be effortlessly configured with the Cloud Security Gateway’s web interface. The Cloud Security Gateway enforces fine grained, field-level data protection with tokenization or encryption technologies along with comprehensive activity monitoring.

Security is enhanced with advanced encryption key management which ensures your keys always remain within your organization, off the cloud, and away from the secured data. The platform includes Protegrity’s automated key rotation and simplified key management toolkit, providing easy security administration for new or legacy data.


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