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Data Security for Telecom Industry

Telecom vendors are custodians of large amounts of customer data, which if properly governed and protected, can be shared with third parties to increase competitive advantage.

Overcome Challenges and Optimize Customer Trust

Increase Revenue and Loyalty Safely utilize customer data to upsell, cross-sell and increase loyalty.
Navigate Complex Regulations Simplify compliance with complex regulations like GDPR and CCPA.
Innovate in the Cloud Actively manage data and control who can access it to confidently offer new cloud-based services.

Best Practices for Success in Telecom

When Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have large customer bases, there are abundant opportunities for malicious actors to gain unauthorized access to their data.

25% of the largest Telecom Organizations protect their data with Protegrity

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43% of Telecoms
Have suffered a DNS-malware based attack Learn More
"64% of survey respondents said they are unlikely to do business again with a company that experiences a breach in which their information is stolen"
Consumer Survey, Vanson Bourne

Maximize Customer Trust And Business Revenue

Trust Protegrity to protect your customer data, so you can focus on innovation to overcome telecom marketplace challenges.

Manage Data Access Control who has access to sensitive data so it never falls into the wrong hands.
Innovate Continuously With truly secure data, you’re free to implement business strategies aimed at decreasing churn.
Defend Privacy Strengthen relationships with customers by assuring them their sensitive data is secure.
Conquer Compliance Taking a data-first approach to regulations means sensitive info is always safe, so you can focus on growth.

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