Protect the Data Itself with Zero Interruption to Business Process or Analytics, Leaving No Sensitive Data in the Clear

For highly regulated industries native database protection may not be enough to reduce your business risk. The Protegrity Data Security Gateway for Teradata Package or the Protegrity Database Protector for Teradata Package can enhance the level of security on your most sensitive data quickly and easily.

  • Enhance data security for Teradata with simplified management and optimized performance
  • Designed, developed, and tested in partnership with Teradata
  • Utilize Separation of Duties with central policy management
  • Protect data at rest, in use, and in transit
  • De-identify and protect sensitive data
  • Centralize governance, auditing, alerting, and reporting
  • Support multi-tenant use cases

Bad guys are using your employees with privileged administrative access to get into your data warehouse, through phishing and other forms of social engineering. Simply using encryption to provide only coarse-grained protection does not provide enough risk mitigation to respond to today’s internal and external threats. Instead it makes sense to adopt two principles:

Segregation of Duties
To avoid conflicts of interest, those that need to see sensitive data in the clear should not be able to control access rules. Conversely, those that manage the data (DBA’s, system admins, etc.) should not be able to view particularly sensitive data fields in the clear.

Least Privilege
Business users should only see sensitive data that they need to perform their role (a “need to know” basis) and nothing more.

Protegrity helps you protect all data flowing into the EDW  while allowing that only authorized users with a legitimate need can see sensitive data – database and IT administrators should not qualify.

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