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Data protection should operate at the speed of your business, especially when it comes to tapping the potential of secure data to advance AI.

Competitive landscapes across industries continue to push the limits, using customer insights to reach their ideal consumers and improve the customer experience. Data science and analytics departments are faced with the complex task of identifying and aggregating customer data to organize, strategize and promote result-based initiatives while securing access and maintaining data governance enterprise-wide.

To use data, it must be protected. That typically means long periods of waiting for data sets to be made available. To integrate with a menagerie of enterprise tools across departments, meet audit requirements and provide the appropriate access for essential data use, data owners require a flexible, data protection solution.

By using the Protegrity Enterprise Security Administrator (ESA) for centralized policy management, and a range of data protection methods, in the cloud and on-premises, data teams can comprehensively enforce the protection of all information at rest, in transit and in use. Protegrity’s cloud data protection products empower teams to securely move data, integrate data utilization tools, share crucial insights and drive customer experience initiatives to outperform in their industry.

Businesses can protect, and in many cases monetize the troves of data they have accumulated, transforming operational data into a valuable asset that enables strategic insights. For many, the ability to rapidly share and analyze privacy-preserved data and analysis could have enterprise-impacting implications.

Protegrity empowers businesses to leverage their data assets to understand customer behavior, drive digital transformation, explore new revenue sources, and centralize complex cloud security policies while maintaining the privacy and protection of sensitive customer data.
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