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Cross-Border Privacy Automation

Free your data to cross borders while remaining secure, compliant and auditable with Protegrity's data protection solutions. Our one-time integration allows data owners to comprehensively implement our platform and begin securing data at the data level. Learn more here.

Sovereignty, regulatory, and privacy regulations are a primary driver for our solution. Data falling into this category cannot leave the jurisdiction it is applicable to. In many cases, the movement of this data is necessary to provide valuable uses throughout an enterprise. When this occurs, it is necessary to protect the data in such a way that only the jurisdiction can authorize and control the ability to re-identify this data back to clear text. This restricts the use of many transparent and native protection technologies, creates a complex data protection custody environment, and is challenging to the enterprise.

Protegrity's Cross Border Privacy Automation solution provides self-service cross-border data protection for applications allowing centrally managed policy, audit, logging and monitoring. Regional zones are isolated codebooks. This enables sovereign data to be moved out of a geo, and ensuring full compliance.

Protegrity's solution ensures compliance, including multi-tenant data security for SaaS, data sharing across borders and geos for business growth, and efficient global privacy compliance.

Protegrity's Cross Border Privacy Automation solution improves revenue from reduced time-to-value for applications and services, and improved efficiencies as application builders spend less time on data security activities. Learn more from Protegrity executives in the video below as they discuss the how Protegrity's solution frees your data while ensuring compliance in any jurisdiction.
Watch Video as We Discuss Cross Border Compliance
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