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Data Privacy

Your customers and employees trust you with their data. Safeguard their trust with Protegrity.

Responsible businesses believe their customers and employees have a right to privacy—they value the trust given them, after all. Unfortunately, success in safeguarding privacy, now and in the future, is not guaranteed by a desire to do so. The myriad of regulations already enacted, compounded by the many others that are sure to come, only stress the need for businesses to protect the privacy of anyone and everyone whose personally identifiable information resides in corporate data. It’s a big undertaking that many enterprises, regardless of size and scale, can’t handle on their own.

Sensitive data is found in databases and data warehouses across the enterprise. Yet with the Protegrity Enterprise Security Administrator (ESA) for policy management, and Data Security Gateway (DSG) products, data teams can centrally enforce the protection and privacy of all information in transit, in use and at rest. Unlike traditional yet inadequate security methods such as network and endpoint, Protegrity protects the actual data. And Protegrity has a product to protect data virtually everywhere data is found.

In the case of a breach, Protegrity’s data privacy protection solution renders data worthless and preserves data privacy without compromising crucial processes or analytics. Protected data is useless, even if it's in the hands of a bad actor. This is all done through Protegrity’s pseudonimization methods such as tokenization and anonymization, allowing privacy to be maintained, and your company to remain compliant.

Protegrity empowers businesses to future-proof their data security and regulatory compliance, protects shared data and supports initiatives to improve the customer experience with Privacy Protect.
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