HIPAA & Regulatory Compliance

Achieve HIPAA and total regulatory compliance in healthcare with Protegrity’s data privacy protection solutions.

As regulatory compliance policies change, enterprises operate under complex and ever-changing regulatory environments. Data teams, customer support and billing processors struggle to access data, avoid fraud and scale while maintaining data sovereignty. To safely access and utilize data, healthcare and insurance providers need HIPAA and regulatory compliance software to integrate a variety of tools, provide role-based access and maintain on-prem and remote bi-directional cloud data protection.

With the Protegrity Enterprise Security Administrator (ESA) and Data Security Gateway (DSG) Products offered through Privacy Protect, data teams and healthcare insurance payers can centrally and transparently enforce the privacy of all sensitive information being moved into and out of the cloud, as well as control access to the data by the role of the user. In this way, healthcare data teams can securely deliver an enterprise data hub for a new generation of real-time analytic insights and digital services.

Protegrity’s Privacy Protect solution preserves privacy and renders data worthless in case of a breach, without compromising critical processes or data analytics through personal information de-identification using encryption or Protegrity’s patented vaultless tokenization technology.

Protegrity empowers healthcare organizations and insurance payers to meet HIPAA and regulatory compliance requirements now and in the future. With their data protected, healthcare organizations and insurance payers can explore new horizons in advanced analytics, AI and ML to improve patient outcomes and create a brighter future for everyone.
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