protect data before, during, and after migrating to the cloud.

Secure Cloud Migration

The cloud liberates your enterprise. Protegrity liberates your data in the cloud.

Cloud providers offer businesses a bounty of technological benefits, but they offer limited and insufficient data protection. For one, few cloud providers offer uniformity in their approach to safeguarding data. Security and compliance teams thus have to piece together disparate cloud-security policies every time a new cloud application or database is considered. More important, cloud–native data protection often doesn’t meet an organization’s demanding expectations. Enterprises can’t take chances with lesser data protection methods.​

Additionally, with data-security administration decentralized, compliance and security teams scramble to align expectations for data privacy with the data-security policies of different cloud vendors. An easy way to handle this lack of cohesion is to tighten access to data, but that slows the progress of those using cloud applications and programs in their workflows. Innovation then suffers.​

Protegrity's data protection for cloud is the bodyguard that enterprises need as you move to the cloud. The cloud is a perimeter-free space where innovation happens but also where data needs complete protection as it moves across operational and analytic systems that span hybrid-cloud environments. Protegrity's Enterprise Security Administrator centralizes and simplifies the management and enforcement of data protection across cloud-native and hybrid deployments, protecting data in every corner of the cloud.​

With role-based access control and On-Premise, Hybrid and Cloud integrations, organizations can provide consistent, compliant and comprehensive protection while putting their data to use, optimizing the customer journey and improving their performance in competitive markets.

One of the biggest concerns incorporating any cloud migration strategy for enterprises is consistent security. That means data is protected on-premises, moving to the cloud, and in the cloud. And not just for a single cloud platform, but for multiple.

By utilizing the Protegrity Platform, data owners and enterprises can move forward with their Cloud and Hybrid initiatives without compromising their sensitive data. If a breach ever were to occur, Protegrity enables the enterprise to avoid exposed data and accelerate use in analytics, without impacting performance.

Protegrity empowers businesses to progress with On-Premise, Hybrid and Cloud Migration initiatives using our Cloud Data Protection Platform. With consistent and flexible data protection, enterprises can utilize valuable data insights, explore new opportunities and meet customer expectations while enhancing their ability to compete.
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