Enabling Your Business

To Protect sensitive data everywhere while maintaining
the freedom to innovate with it anywhere

It sounds like a paradox, but it’s not. It’s what we do every day at Protegrity.

While some are trying to steal sensitive data outright, we’re hard at work helping organizations worldwide reduce their risk with innovative security that enables innovation in a 21st century data-driven world where borders don’t exist, data is plentiful, and threats are many.

Our Data Protection Platform offers complete data protection —from acquisition to deletion and every point in between. Protegrity’s unique data security technologies are built for today’s data-driven businesses.


Protegrity protects the data itself so that it remains protected anywhere it goes. Whether the data is in the cloud, in a database, or in a mobile device, Protegrity’s data-centric security keeps the data safe. Traditional silo based security, like disk or database encryption, protects the container for data. Once the data moves out of the silo or moves to another silo, you run the risk of exposure. Protegrity’s security secures the data itself utilizing innovative tokenization, encryption, and format preserving encryption (FPE) to protect data across all silos, wherever it goes, regardless of the silo, location, or vendor.



Regardless of where the data is at any given moment, Protegrity’s centralized security policies enable your Security Officer to determine and specify what data is to be protected, where it is to be enforced, who will have access, and when and how the data will be protected. The data remains safe at all times and only those with explicit permissions are able to see some or all of the data in the clear. Protegrity enforces separation of duties so that security policies and IT administration are always managed separately – so data remains protected even when a privileged account is compromised. This functionality exists across all platforms, legacy or modern, wherever the data is used.


Your business depends on interoperability, and Protegrity is built to secure it. Protegrity works across all major databases, cloud platforms, Big Data, mainframes, NoSQL, API, and application environments. Our data security solutions are built for large, complex, heterogeneous technology environments. Whether you’re dealing with Salesforce, Teradata, Hadoop, or mainframe data – Protegrity ensures your data stays secure.


Protegrity’s centralized reporting capability enables Security Officers to monitor the effectiveness of internal controls and also give compliance assessors the information they need to certify compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, PCI, PII and HIPAA. Audit logs capture authorized and unauthorized attempts to access sensitive data at all protection points where data protection is deployed. Protegrity allows organizations to have full visibilityinto who, what, where, and when sensitive data is accessed or attempted access.



We’re obsessed with protecting your data and enabling you to use freely. Protegrity has developed innovative technologies including the industry’s first Vaultless Tokenization process, transparent security gateways that secure existing applications instantly, and distributed fault tolerant architectures that are unique firsts in the industry. What this means is your data is continually protected with the most advanced security available with quicker ROI and class leading performance to ensure your data is always safe.