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Will you be breached?

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Last week I presented on a panel “The IT Security Threat Landscape: Hackers in 2013” together with Raimund Genes, CTO, Trend Micro, and Dov Yoran, CEO, ThreatGRID.

  • I discussed the evolution of data security protection methods, including encryption and data tokenization, and the types of data being targeted today by attackers, including PII, PHI and PCI/Cardholder data.
  • The panel discussed attack vectors and security evolution, including advanced persistent threats and social engineering attacks.
  • The panel also discussed the evolution of the hacker, the shift in motivations from notoriety to economic gain, and the role of “Big Data” in defense and pattern recognition.
  • Also addressed were expected attacks in 2013, cybercriminals for hire and Chinese vs. Eastern European attacks.

The panel concluded you should accept that you’ll be breached and that data tokenization is getting traction as a cost effective approach against major attacks and for preparation for audits and regulations, including PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH and US State Legislation. I encourage you to listen to the recording to learn more.

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