The Only Data-First Security Solution

Protect sensitive enterprise data at rest, in motion and in use with Protegrity’s best-in-class data discovery, de-identification and governance capabilities.

Why Enterprises Need Data-First Security

Data has become the most valuable asset of any enterprise. It’s being used to provide better service, improve outcomes, innovate new products, drive new revenue channels, and open doors to internal efficiencies.

Truly secure data that can be fully leveraged is the key to growth, agility and business innovation. Standard security approaches are not enough, failing to protect information at the data level – down to every letter and number – and leaving companies exposed if a breach or unauthorized usage occurs.

With data-first security from Protegrity, enterprises can be confident that their sensitive information is secure, enabling them to reach their full potential while maintaining privacy and compliance.

Securing the Cloud
Isn’t Enough

Off-the-shelf security and safeguards from a cloud provider may protect the cloud, but they’re not protecting the data itself. With Protegrity Prime, enterprises can protect sensitive data – in use, in motion and at rest – putting the cloud to work without putting privacy, security and compliance at risk.

Enable Limitless Data Innovation

Only with truly secure data can enterprises have the freedom to innovate. Learn how to protect sensitive information at the data level to enable growth, agility and business innovation that is otherwise impossible to achieve without tremendous risk.

$1.8T Annual Income
Taken by insights-driven businesses from their less-informed peers. Source: Forrester

Confidently Deliver Privacy and Compliance

Protegrity delivers a data-first security solution that keeps enterprise leaders ahead of security threats and government regulations. With its combination of technology and services, Protegrity Prime brings the expertise of the Protegrity team to bear, as they have been helping customers address privacy-focused regulations like PCI, HIPAA and GDPR for years.

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Rest Easy with Protegrity

The Trusted Choice of Industry Leaders

“Protegrity tokenization has yielded world-class results. Our day-to-day use of Protegrity solution is seamless... Protegrity software ‘just works’ in the background.”
VP of Data Security, Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm
“It has become a huge success, and we have satisfied all the security, regulatory, and contractual requirements we have here.”
VP of Technology, Leading Credit Reporting Agency
“I’ve never been involved in a process of implementation that had so little negative impact on users. Protegrity's Services team was world class. I couldn't have been happier.”
Head of Global Information Security, Global Retailer
“Protegrity enables us to realize our ambitions to provide peace of mind for donors without compromising the margins of their investment, in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build a solution ourselves.”
Richard Atkinson, CIO, JustGiving

Protegrity Prime

The One Solution for Data Security and Privacy Challenges

Protegrity Prime is a single, scalable offering of technology, services, and expertise that is relied on by enterprise data and security leaders around the world.

It delivers complete control and visibility of enterprise data across all silos, ensuring total data privacy and regulatory compliance, while enabling new data-driven innovation throughout the enterprise.

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