Unleash the
Power of Secure Data

We safeguard privacy, ensure data is protected everywhere, and fuel innovation with secure AI.

Unleash the
Power of Secure Data

Protegrity protects data in motion and at rest.

We Protect the World's Most Sensitive Data

Building walls doesn’t work anymore. Today, data is here, there, and everywhere. You can’t keep it locked up—at least not if you want to take advantage of it. Data is also the currency of the digital economy. Hundreds of zettabytes of data continue to be produced every year, much of which is sensitive. Privacy laws and consumer expectations now oblige organizations to properly store, manage, and transfer data, and organizations are being held accountable for how they protect it. Protegrity protects this data, wherever it is, to preserve privacy and fuel innovation.
Safely monetize and share data
Deliver on the promise of digital transformation
Quickly surface insights from protected data
Bring data agility and choice to enterprises
Access to secure data allows companies to generate revenue, innovate, reduce costs, create better products and services faster, comply with regulations, and maintain privacy. Protegrity protects all that data, no matter where it is, no matter what it is, no matter how it’s used.

Analytics Agility

Today’s enterprises, in addition to traditional data stores, are leveraging hybrid- and multi-cloud services to increase analytics agility. Data is at the center of innovation, and many organizations have increased the security requirements associated with how they collect, move, and analyze data. Secure data is a business’s most valuable asset.

Data-driven Innovation

We unlock the potential of secure data to fuel innovation. Data-driven applications and programs are transforming how organizations interact with customers, develop products and services, create and manage software, and improve the productivity of employees—all while preserving privacy.

Protegrity Partners for Success

The Power of Technology and People


The Protegrity Data Protection Platform lets you choose a data-centric security strategy that meets your needs, rather than constraining you to a one-size-fits-all approach that ultimately causes confusion and creates gaps in data security.



The Platform is a collection of data-protection capabilities that work together via three solutions—Privacy Protect, Cloud Protect, and AI Protect—to ensure businesses can leverage sensitive data for whatever purpose they deem necessary.



Our enterprise architects and security specialists bring decades of experience supporting data-driven initiatives at some of the largest companies in the world. Training features hands-on exercises to build a solid base of knowledge for your key employees. 

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Protegrity Believes in Privacy

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, and one our aims is to protect our customers, and our customers’ customers, globally. We stand on the side of privacy, for there is no higher purpose for doing good. But we do much more.

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We unlock the potential of secure data, no matter where it resides or how it is used.

We give customers the freedom to innovate.

We provide resiliency and agility, especially for innovative data-driven technologies, such as AI, analytics, IoT, and DevOps.

We make it acceptable for brands to collect consumer data because we keep it safe.

We secure data so customers are protected from adversaries and can avoid reputational damage.


Reference Guide: Methods of Data Protection

Being able  to choose the most appropriate  data-security  technology based on  what your business does is the key to protection. This in-depth reference guide  will help  you take that first step. 


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