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The Protegrity Partner Network unlocks the potential of secure data, giving you more opportunities to drive innovation, digital transformation, and ultimately better customer experiences.

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Protegrity Data Security

Partnerships Empower Organizations Worldwide

The Protegrity Partner Network is a foundational part of our mission to be the industry leader and global standard for enterprise data protection. Protegrity offers choice about where to protect data, control over how it is protected enterprise-wide, and confidence that the data is secure even if a breach occurs. With the help of our Partner Network, we aim to make sure we are able to protect sensitive data in any datastore and on any platform.

Created to empower technology organizations, systems integrators, and value-added resellers (VARs) to seamlessly deliver advanced data-protection solutions to joint customers, the Protegrity Partner Network provides the necessary resources and certifications to help our partners’ customers unlock the potential of secure data, creating more opportunities for innovation and digital transformation, and improving customer experiences.

Protegrity exists to help businesses innovate by enabling data-driven decisions—and do so without exploiting the privacy of individuals and organizations. Partners are a critical part of fulfilling this role. Our partner ecosystem consists of Technology Partners, Systems Integrators, and Channel Partners. Systems Integrators and Channel Partners provide advisory, technical, and implementation services for Protegrity products and services. We integrate our platform with Technology Partners to offer customers a frictionless experience. Protegrity works in partnership with leading technology organizations and systems integrators to help customers transform their businesses without sacrificing security, privacy, or compliance.  

Why Partner With

We help partners build new revenue streams and accelerate customer digital transformation. With Protegrity, technology partners can secure data inherently in their applications, control how it’s protected, and have confidence that data is safe, even if a breach occurs. System integrators can enhance service offerings and accelerate customer digital transformation. To successfully support our customers with data security and management, and to do it at scale, we give customers and partners the freedom of choice to deploy their workloads on-premises, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments. In today’s digital economy, maintaining privacy across distributed data has become increasingly complicated. Partnering with Protegrity and the Data Protection Platform provides a modern alternative to traditionally complex data-protection methods.

“This partnership [between Protegrity and Snowflake] brings together two innovative companies with a common mission to help organizations get the most value out of their data, without any compromises to security or privacy,” said Vikas Jain, head of Snowflake Security Product Management.


“CDP—Cloudera Data Platform—was designed for both IT and the business, delivering cloud-native analytics in a secure, cost-efficient, and scalable manner,” said Gary Green, vice president of strategic partnerships at Cloudera. “Protegrity adds an important layer of data protection to any workload on CDP, so customers can scale seamlessly and securely without slowing down mission-critical data initiatives.”


“Protegrity delivers leading-edge data security and privacy solutions to the world’s largest enterprises across the leading platforms and data stores,” said Allen Holmes, vice president of business development at Yellowbrick Data. “Combined with the power and scale of Yellowbrick’s hybrid-cloud data warehouse, enterprises can enjoy faster time to insights without worrying about compromising sensitive data and while also adhering to protection and privacy regulations.”


“Data is and will be the power of everything we know,” said Xavier Espinosa de los Monteros, president & CEO, LATBC. “Protegrity is not only the leading data-security platform provider, but also provides what every enterprise needs to be prepared with security for the data revolution. Protegrity can give peace of mind to a customer’s entire data ecosystem. For the Latin American market, the value in this new revolution will be data security. LATBC is proud to partner with Protegrity to serve the LATAM market.”

Protegrity Data Security

The Partner Network Program Guide

Learn how the Protegrity Partner Network gives our partners the tools they need to meet customers’ unique data security and privacy requirements. Data protection is a collective effort; download this guide to join the team.


Partnerships Power Results: How It All Works

The program consists of two partner types—Service Partners and Technology Partners—and offers tiered benefits for each: Launch. Elevate. Transcend.

Service Partners

Service Partners, including systems integrators and VARs, can address customer demands by providing sales, technical sales, technical support, advisory, and implementation services. Service Partners can refer new business or become eligible to resell the Protegrity platform.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners, such as independent software vendors (ISVs) and large cloud hyperscalers, receive access to the Protegrity Data Protection Platform to develop custom software integrations, eliminating friction for customers when implementing joint solutions.

Certification Program and Training

An important part of the Protegrity Partner Network is the Partner Certification Program. We give our partners access to world-class training from Protegrity about the data-security landscape and industry best practices, as well as on how to effectively identify opportunities with and implement the. Additional benefits include a Partner Portal, a Resale Program and additional Technology-ready Programs.

Driving Business Outcomes Through Alliances

We’ve already built alliances with the fastest growing technology companies and most innovative systems integrators while continuing to serve the most recognizable global brands. But that is just the beginning. Our global focus on alliances through the Partner Network ensures current and future customers can take full advantage of the Protegrity platform to protect data across the enterprise, while developing new offerings, reaching new market segments and regions, and forming new go-to-market channels. The Protegrity Partner Network will help redefine and transform how businesses around the world manage data security.

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