Empower Your Business with Protegrity's Borderless Data™

    Privacy regulations, like Data Sovereignty, create borders that disrupt our businesses' data flows. These borders limit the use of data to drive growth and new customer experiences while increasing compliance costs. Borders come in many forms, from geopolitical to legal to lines of business. Protegrity's Secure Data Service empowers firms to solve cross-border data challenges with Protegrity's Borderless Data™.


    Around the world, new regulations are promoting data localization. To comply, companies must be agile in their investments, but those that get it right could increase their revenues and market share.


    Cross-Border Data Protection

    Data localization has put everyone's cloud strategy at risk.

    Minimizing data risk does not require minimizing access. Protegrity’s Cross-Border solution empowers data movement between jurisdictions, restoring your data flows and enabling new flows to be created. Our solution offers a new approach that simplifies compliance, reduces costs, and opens new revenue opportunities. Seamlessly connect with your global customer base and deliver unparalleled experiences while ensuring continuous, provable compliance with the most stringent privacy regulations.

    Multinational companies operating in many countries face a unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to creating a global customer experience. Companies can successfully navigate this complex landscape and build a solid global brand by understanding these challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities. Protegrity enables personalization, customer retention, and trust with a worldwide customer base. 

    Protegrity’s solution empowers businesses to capitalize on opportunities to expand in markets your competitors are exiting due to privacy concerns. We offer a simplified approach to entering new markets, innovating new products and services, and collaborating with partners, supply chains, and vendors in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.


    Protegrity’s solution delivers a scalable, frictionless service that simplifies compliance and enhances business resilience. The costs for multinational companies are escalating to pay for duplicative data processors, people, and infrastructure to meet data localization requirements. Protegrity’s solution drastically reduces the costs and complexity of cross-border data transfers in any jurisdiction, enabling resilience to adapt to regulatory changes rapidly.

    Your Cross-Border Data Protection Solution

    Frictionless Application Onboarding

    Fully automated and scalable by design. Frictionless onboarding through automated on-ramps that can leverage existing request management and workflow systems. Provisioning sensitive data policy as code that creates efficiencies at scale for adopting the cross-border data service. Accelerate secure apps to market through a standard interface that embeds DevSecOps into your development pipelines.

    Centralized Management

    Configure once and protect consistently everywhere. Centralized policy, logging, auditing, and management for sensitive data across hybrid/multi-cloud environments. Data governance becomes continuously actionable, auditable, and provable enabling an enhanced data risk view for your global footprint.

    Decentralized Data Protection

    Isolate and localize data protection where privacy needs to meet the data. Edge-to-edge data security delivered as close to the data as possible, optimizing for performance. A proven solution that meets privacy regulations and requirements across corporate, industry, and geopolitical domains.

    Self-Service Integration

    Seamless integration for application and data teams with a dynamic, self-describable REST API. Anyone using an API can deliver a cross-border data flow in a compliant, scalable, secure, and auditable manner. Democratizing compliance and fostering a culture of privacy that scales InfoSec through privacy-by-design applications and data flows.

    “By deploying Protegrity’s platform, a Top-5 Global Bank experienced a 126% ROI after just 8 months.”

    Forrester – Total Economic Impact Report, 2022

    Ready to Get Started?

    Our gateways, integrations, and solutions are regularly updated, allowing Protegrity products to evolve with PCI DSS, GDPR, and other data security compliance regulations. Whether your organization needs to protect data for sharing, analytics, or use, Protegrity has a comprehensive solution.