Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Responsible businesses believe their customers and employees have a right to privacy.

Successfully safeguarding privacy through data compliance, now and in the future, is not guaranteed. Protegrity can help businesses navigate the rough waters of regulatory compliance across borders, data environments, and in the hands of consumers.


Data Sovereignty

Any data collected or processed is always subject to the laws of their country of origin. These data sovereignty laws and regulations are constantly evolving and growing in number and requirements. When a global footprint is involved, maintaining data privacy compliance becomes complex over the data’s life cycle. It is necessary to have a complete data governance process in place, regardless of the physical location of the data, which may move across borders in a cloud implementation.


Privacy Regulations

When accessing, analyzing, and using their business data, organizations can be handicapped by an array of data privacy laws, such as GDPR, CCPA, New York SHIELD Act, GLBA, HIPAA, COPPA, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Protegrity continuously helps enterprises make the most of their data while staying in-step with current and future compliance regulations. Organizations can adhere to privacy regulations and achieve digital transformation through Protegrity’s ability to centralize administration and standardize data-protection enforcement policies.

Industry Compliance

Additional data privacy and security regulations, such as those imposed on financial institutions and data, increase the burden of compliance. PCI-DSS and Nacha enforce similar restrictions on the data life cycle. Your data protection methods must secure PII and financial information. You need scalable data protection solutions, including:

  • Sensitive data discovery
  • Hybrid and cloud migration data protection
  • Marketplace partnerships

to secure sensitive information while maintaining data usability. Utilizing these solutions ensures your security standards meet industry and audit requirements and preserve your organization’s reputation.

Although they are highly effective and useful platforms, public clouds are highly vulnerable to attack, and almost nothing about their security configurations is within your control. When more than one tenant uses the same physical computer hardware and shares the same software and data, regulatory compliance becomes an even greater risk. Therefore, when managing data security and privacy on these platforms, de-identification of data is paramount.

Secure data sharing can differentiate your business from the rest of the pack. Businesses can maximize the value of sensitive data while reducing risk and achieving data compliance.

Protegrity empowers global institutions to balance the demands of customers, cloud migration initiatives, and evolving regulatory requirements with robust data protection solutions.

Protegrity enables organizations to compete and innovate by securely leveraging a cloud infrastructure to share data globally with subsidiaries.

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