Protection with Performance

Don’t let your protection methods impact performance. From dynamic data masking, to format-preserving encryption, to Vaultless Tokenization or a combination of each, Protegrity solutions are highly scalable, flexible and powerful protection methods for structured and semi-structured data.

All the protection, none of the performance drawbacks.


The 4 Vs of Data

Data has little value for your organization without parameters to characterize the quality of what you have. Four qualities — volume, variety, veracity and velocity — have been determined as necessary guidance for obtaining results from Big Data and improving business performance. Balancing these characteristics are keys to big data management.


Threat Detection

Ensuring the authorized parties are accessing the right data at the right time. The Protegrity Platform supplements data protection with comprehensive audit logging, allowing businesses to monitor who has accessed the data, what data, where, and when. Evidence-based audit logging provided through the Protegrity platform protects your enterprise and allows your data functions to meet regulatory compliance requirements, thereby improving business performance. Protegrity provides security analytics that can alert and highlight suspect behavior for incident response.

Ready to Get Started?

Protegrity’s platform is, by design, integrated into every modern big data platform in use today. Regardless of your big data volume, your tools or your vendors, our protection is able to handle your security and privacy demands, and make data analytics and sharing available without giving up any of the characteristics that you need from your collection. Achieve scalable performance and improve business growth with proper data protection solutions.