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Industry data protection expands across all markets Whether encrypting, tokenizing, or applying privacy methods, Protegrity’s Data Privacy and Security Platform secures the data behind the many operating systems that drive the day-to-day functions of the business, as well as the analytical systems behind decision-making, personalized customer experiences, and analytics. All of this propels businesses forward by fueling innovation and giving you a competitive advantage over less savvy competitors.

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What Sets
Protegrity Apart

Protection Built for Any Company in Any Industry

Experience matters. For more than two decades, Protegrity has helped enterprises overcome data security hurdles by securing sensitive data and maintaining the highest level of data privacy and compliance.


Meeting Every Regulation

Protegrity enables you to comply with global data security and privacy regulations, without affecting business transactions and relations. Our gateways, integrations, and solutions are regularly updated, allowing Protegrity products to evolve with Nacha, PCI-DSS, and GDPR regulations. This ensures that your data protection and security standards meet industry and audit requirements and that you preserve your organization’s reputation and reduce its risk profile.

Innovation Without Jeopardizing Privacy

Data de-identification ensures that all sensitive data is protected for GDPR and regulatory compliance while preserving its value for analytics.

Consistent Protection

Format and type-preserving tokenization that transparently protects data across all your digital processes and experiences.

Case Studies


JustGiving Implements Data Privacy Protection

By choosing Protegrity’s data privacy solution, the world’s largest online social platform for charitable giving, JustGiving, was able to securely protect sensitive donor information and payment data and comply with PCI DSS requirements.

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Our Industry Partners

Businesses across all industries utilizing cloud computing-based companies and warehouses can find the integrations they need to secure data across their applications and platforms. Explore our partners to see how we can best synchronize comprehensive and ubiquitous protection wherever your data travels, rests, or is accessed.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization (PVT) differ from traditional tokenization?

PVT solves the time and capacity challenges found in traditional tokenization. PVT uses small, static token tables to create unique, random token values without the need for a traditional vaulted token lookup table.

Can Protegrity protect our data in the cloud?

Yes! Protegrity partners with the leading data storage and data analytics software providers including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Snowflake, and many other platforms to ensure that your data, no matter where you need it, is never exposed or at risk.

Does Protegrity offer data protection as a service?


Does Protegrity provide audit logs to detect potential threats?


Does Protegrity offer more than just tokenization?

Yes! Protegrity is the leader in data protection, offering dynamic data masking, format-preserving encryption, vaultless tokenization, or a combination of each.

Do Protegrity solutions protect data in multiple languages?

Yes! Protegrity’s quantum-resistant Vaultless Tokenization enables alphabet, format, and length-preserving data security for all of the world's languages, including Eastern character sets.

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