Protegrity's Shift Left Community®

Scaling Information Security
Through Collaboration

Protegrity Shift Left Community® provides the platform, content, and tools to encourage cross-functional collaboration to solve your enterprise’s data security and privacy challenges. Our unique approach enables non-security practitioners to deliver data security in their functional areas, ensuring that your security and privacy policies are enforced throughout the enterprise.

Who Is This For?

  • Practitioners
  • Software Developers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • System and Database Administrators
  • Automation Engineers
  • Other Equivalent Positions

Empowering Practitioners to
Deliver Secure Apps




Reward & incent


Train & Support


increase engagement




Repeat to onboard new application teams

Empower Privacy Compliance Across Your Enterprise

Designed for Collaboration

Protegrity’s Shift Left Community® empowers practitioners across your enterprise to deliver the best privacy compliance in your applications, data stores, DevOps pipelines, and cloud environments. As a single access point for discussions, discovery, documentation, and support for your data protection strategy, Shift Left can help you shorten implementation timelines, evangelize information security, and foster team collaboration. Shift left operates and moderates in real-time, is fully archived, searchable, and secure, and facilitates regional and community-level in-person events.

Enable Data Security

  • Easily find available data protection options.
  • Quickly locate documentation stored in a single, always updated repository.
  • Learn best practices for using data protection.
  • Identify required controls for your PII.
  • Discover available products.

Our Community

The lack of resources and time in information security sectors slows business transformation due to application, vendor, and platform security reviews. Companies utilizing the Shift Left Community® allow their practitioners to take a collaborative approach to data security.


Sharing data security knowledge and best practices will:

  • Shorten security review cycles
  • Accelerate applications to market
  • Offer broader access to valuable datasets

Deliver applications with sensitive data to market faster and with less risk. Protegrity’s solutions are designed to deliver robust capabilities through Rest APIs that can be embedded in new and existing applications.


Developers in the Shift Left Community® can:

  • Enforce the enterprise’s data policy, logging, auditing, and monitoring from Protegrity’s Enterprise Security Administrator
  • Federate the implementation of data security and privacy
  • Accelerate business application security reviews


Protegrity’s Shift Left Community® provides enterprise architects with the tools and knowledge to embed data security and privacy throughout the enterprise architecture.


By centralizing policy and decentralizing policy enforcement, enterprise architects can:

  • Empower Information Security to monitor, audit, and enforce data security
  • Pursue data security initiatives on one pane of glass across the enterprise’s multi-cloud architecture
  • Ensure security-by-design applications


Administrators are often on the front-line protecting sensitive information like customer data at the point of generation and at rest. They are challenged to deliver consistent data security across a spectrum of legacy and modern data stores and platforms.


The Shift Left Community® will: 

  • Enhance their understanding of data security
  • Enable various methods use to deliver baseline data security
  • Provide privacy across managed systems

Modern enterprises need automation to scale IT and enhance their ability to manage their multi-cloud architecture. Protegrity’s platform is DevOps-ready with a variety of tools that can be deployed into the development pipeline.


By joining the Shift Left Community®, your automation engineers can

  • Leverage information 
  • Explore resources that address the automation wrapped around our serverless protector
  • Discover instances of DSG in containers to support business resilience

About the Program

  • Webinars
  • Online Education Courses
  • Technical Content
  • Certification/Badging Program
  • Cloud Formation Scripts
  • Protector Access
  • Code Samples
  • Beta Program
  • API Support
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  • Script Sample Support
  • Protegrity Software Documentation

Ready to Get Started?

The only way to secure sensitive data is to protect the data itself. The Protegrity security solution is at the data layer. We focus on data-level security, so the data is unusable and not compromised if a breach occurs. Our algorithms are quantum-resistant for futureproofing your solutions.