Reduce Business Risk and Accelerate Data

Take worrying about your sensitive data protection out of the equation. Reduce cybersecurity risks with data protection methods that cover only necessary data, allowing an uninterrupted and protected informational flow.


“Organizations that give users access to a curated catalog of data realize 100% more business value from analytics investments.”


Data Risk Protection

Risk is a crucial consideration for enterprise decision-making that often leads to compromise.

To minimize data risk, most companies maximize data lockdown. Disruptors and competitors will innovate faster and take market share while your teams wait to access their data. Protegrity turns the traditional model upside down. Our platform meets the most stringent industry compliance requirements while increasing access to data.

The threat of ransomware grows as more sensitive data travels off-server, thanks to remote working conditions and the increasing need for data access. Fight back with Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization to locally de-identify new and existing PII at the source before sensitive data is transferred to and from on-premise, hybrid, or cloud databases.

Protegrity delivers quantum-resistant vaultless tokenization, enabling alphabet, format, and length-preserving data protection for the world’s Unicode-based languages. Trust Protegrity to future-proof your solutions.

Intentional insider hacking and simple user errors increase the threat of data breaches, leaks, ransomware, and more. Traditional methods of data protection may not protect your data off-server or in the gaps. Businesses trust tokenization and Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization (PVT) to ensure that their sensitive data remains persistently protected anywhere.

De-Risk Enterprise Data

De-Risk Third-Party Vendors

Companies must rely on a wide range of third-party vendors to deliver business value from data. Cloud-managed data warehouses, SaaS applications, and analytical tools can provide capabilities to differentiate your business.

Protegrity accelerates your security review cycles and enables sensitive data, like PII, to be safely put into these third-party products. Privacy-enhanced datasets can be stored and analyzed in a third-party cloud-managed data warehouse and only reidentified for an authorized user when appropriate. This enables a baseline of data security and risk reduction across the enterprise architecture.

Apply Zero Trust Principles to Data

Zero Trust Principles dictate that we must verify explicitly, use least privilege access, and act under the assumption the business has been breached. The principles work well to de-risk applications, servers, and infrastructure, but what about your data?

Protegrity’s platform applies these same principles at the data element level to ensure that your data is protected from unauthorized viewing. This is particularly effective for the litany of attacks that can result in stolen data, like ransomware, insider threats, and basic web application attacks.

Accelerate Time to Detection

Modern security operations work under the assumption that an attacker is already inside the network perimeter. Threat Hunting looks for indicators of compromise and identifies threats as quickly as possible.

With Protegrity, security teams have enhanced situational awareness that accelerates their ability to detect threats. Your threat-hunting operation can incorporate centralized audit logs that track each operation at a data element level across your hybrid infrastructure. Our Insights tool delivers security analytics and dashboards to notify your team of unusual data access behaviors.

“By deploying Protegrity’s platform, a Top-5 Global Bank experienced a 126% ROI after just 8 months.”


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