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Methods of Data Protection

Being able  to choose the most appropriate  data-security  technology based on  what your business does is the key to protection. This reference guide  will help  you take that first step. 


Why Protegrity for Amazon Redshift?

Continuous Compliance

Protegrity for Amazon Redshift offers enterprises precise data-driven compliance, going beyond encryption by continuously protecting sensitive data with vaultless tokenization. With Protegrity, organizations can move away from qualitative and subjective survey-based assessments for more robust risk and compliance validation.

Hybrid Infrastructure Support

Protegrity delivers cloud-native tokenization with autoscaling to support the largest workloads and simplify the management of many cloud servers, services, and applications. With just one data-security platform, Protegrity centralizes consistent enforcement and management across hybrid deployments, helping enterprises adhere to their unique cloud strategy.

Continuous Data Democratization

Protegrity lets enterprises safely unlock and democratize sensitive data through a variety of security methods that share only authorized portions of data. With role- and locale-based access controls protecting the most sensitive data, enterprises can confidently empower organizations and individuals to leverage data for innovation.

Building on Amazon Redshift’s comprehensive, built-in security capabilities available at no extra cost, Protegrity protects the privacy of individuals by anonymizing data before it reaches Amazon Redshift. The combination of Protegrity and Amazon Redshift allows businesses to unlock the value of sensitive data while enforcing even the most stringent industry and regulatory data policies.

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