Protegrity Data Security

Cloud Protect

Embrace the cloud—even leap into it—with confidence  grounded in the knowledge that your data remains secure no matter where it moves, is applied, or stored in cloud systems.

Don't Take Chances with Cloud Security

Cloud providers offer businesses a bounty of technological benefits, but they sometimes come up short on data protection. For one, few cloud providers offer uniformity in their approach to safeguarding data. Security and compliance teams thus have to piece together disparate cloud-security policies every time a new cloud application or database is considered. More important, cloud–native data protection often doesn’t meet an organization’s demanding expectations. Enterprises can’t take chances with less than ideal data security.​

Different Cloud Policies Slow Innovation

Enterprises often can’t innovate because they’re busy tending to disparate data-security policy enforcement across their many on-premises and cloud-native databases and tools. With data-security administration decentralized, compliance and security teams scramble to align expectations for data privacy with the data-security policies of different vendors. An easy way to handle this lack of cohesion is to tighten access to data, but that slows the progress of those using cloud applications and programs in their workflows. Innovation then suffers.​

Discover Sensitive Data, Cloud Migration, and Innovate Freely​

Sensitive Data Discovery

Identify sensitive data in the cloud so innovation can proceed uninterrupted. Data offers value only if it’s discovered, classified, and protected. It’s a huge challenge to keep tabs on data migrating to the cloud.

Jumpstart Cloud Migration

Effective data security protects data in its journey to the cloud. Streamlining and consolidating your data-protection strategy frees time for building innovation into the fabric of your cloud-migration strategy from day one.

Freely Innovate
in the Cloud

Cloud is where the magic happens. It untethers you from relying solely on physical infrastructure. To fulfill the dream of cloud-migration initiatives, data in the cloud needs to be protected so businesses can innovate without worry.​

What Is Protegrity Cloud Protect?

Cloud Protect is the bodyguard that enterprises need as they explore cloud environments. The cloud is a perimeter-free space where innovation happens but also where data needs complete protection as it moves across operational and analytic systems that span hybrid-cloud environments. The solution simplifies the management and enforcement of data protection across cloud-native and hybrid deployments, protecting data in every corner of the cloud.​

Many Environments, Yet a Single Strategy

Protegrity Data Security


Being able  to choose the most appropriate  data-security  technology based on  what your business does is the key to protection. This in-depth reference guide  will help  you take that first step.