Protegrity Data Security

Discover Workshop

Protegrity Discover is a sensitive data discovery and tracking tool. It is designed to reduce, manage, and control the risk associated with storing sensitive data.

What is it?

The Discover Workshop is a facilitated workshop over a five-day period to rapidly scan, sample, classify, catalog, and analyze your sensitive data
Five-day virtual or on-site workshop

Two-month Discover tool license

Training on discovery process

Is it Right for You?

A Discover Workshop is for companies that want to assess and quantify risk as part of a mitigation strategy and in anticipation of a data-protection initiative.
Low-cost discovery solution

Quantify sensitive data risk

Facilitated by Protegrity’s team

Rapid Results

Protegrity Discover Workshop Engagement

Five days delivered remotely

Guided workshop to train users on how to use Discover tool

Two-month license + support

Protegrity Discover Workshop Engagement

Day 1
Workshop goals & alignment

Architecture overview

Confirm data sets to be cataloged

Installation & configuration of discovery tool
Day 2
Walkthrough of discovery tool features & capabilities

How to create & test tool connections

Review the dashboard
Day 3
Executive discovery jobs & scans on the prioritized data sets

Review classifiers, configuration and types
Day 4
Build & demonstrate a custom classifier

Create & schedule on-going discovery scans
Day 5
review & recommend
Results interpretation

Recommended actions for key findings

Access to global support for 2 months

Bi-weekly check-in with customer success manager

The Protegrity Discover Tool

Used in discovery and design phases.

Enables finding the location of clear data.

Scans, samples, classifies, catalogs and analyzes sensitive data.

Results lead to risk assessment and action items (i.e., data protection).

Reproduces results to uncover trends

Classify & Discover

Prerequisites completed
Install appliance and verify data-store connectivity
Scans, samples, classifies, and analyzes sensitive information
Produce & deliver risk profile report with historical updates enabled

Risk Profiling for up to Five Data Stores

Discovery Workshop Use Cases

A two-month limited-term license with expert-led training on Protegrity products.
Protegrity Data Security

Use Cases

Need an assessment of risks.

Need to discover where sensitive data resides or where it’s flowing.

Need to know if current data-security posture achieves data privacy or regulatory goals.

Protegrity Data Security


Discover enables data discovery and classification to maintain an up-to-date sensitive-data catalog.

Identification of trends can uncover risk posture over time.

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