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Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization (PVT):
Go Beyond Encryption

No stored sensitive data, no performance drains, no scalability limits – just usable, secure data.

Tokenization vs. Encryption

Maximize your Valuable Data, Securely

Enterprise Scalability Fast data token creation and authorized recovery of the original data, with linear scalability to increase throughput for demanding business requirements.
Flexible Deployment Multiple implementation options allow enterprises to optimize performance and security for each unique use case, including distributed and centralized.
Comprehensive Platform Leverage data type and format preserving PVT throughout the heterogeneous enterprise, without modification to systems or processes.

Why Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization?

PVT is a paradigm shift from more burdensome, less secure traditional approaches to data security. No vault means no unwieldy, ever-expanding database (or the DBA time to support it), and no replication means no costly real-time replication service (or the engineer time to run it).

Plus, its lightweight tokenization engine can easily run on cost-effective commodity hardware, and is easy to scale and manage to keep ongoing maintenance costs in check.

Methods of Data Protection
One Single Platform
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“To remain agile, this data-driven retailer needed to shift to cloud infrastructure while remaining in compliance with industry and geographic privacy regulations.”
VP of Technology, Leading Credit Reporting Agency

The Most Advanced Tokenization Available

PVT provides equal or better security than encryption, while retaining the vital usability of data for business processes.

Superior Security Substitute sensitive information with tokens that are valueless in the event of a breach.
Simple to Use No need for modification to existing systems and processes with PVT's data type and format preservation.
Strong Compliance Supports PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other industry and geographical data protection requirements.
Unified Management Centrally control and implement enterprise security policy, key management, and reporting.
Unmatched Performance Fastest tokenization on the market, near zero latency
Linear Scalability Deploy and grow with commodity hardware

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